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I haven't had the pleasure of playing a Persona game until now although according to my friends, 5 is a good of a place as any to start! Immediately you're captured by just the sheer attention to art direction that creates such an iconic style. Even though the battle mechanics aren't too out of this world as far as turn-base JRPG's go, the sum of features in the game like building relationships/confidants adds a layered roleplay experience.

All the supernatural mumbo-jumbo that gives you all these cool abilities is great but even the core story is well presented, using recognized themes in telling a 
coming-of-age-tale. Everything starts off really simple, it's high school! You're a rebellious kid, "Adults" are clearly the worst and problems appear black-and-white. Suddenly you're given these spectacular powers and as most right minded-teens would do, decide to change the world for the better. However as you navigate your way through issues complexities emerge, morality progressively becomes a muddled grey and making the "right" choice isn't as easy as it appears. It's classic~

I haven’t been in high school for awhile, so when I was coming up with a composition idea for a P5 piece I immediately thought of graduating and that iconic thing where people throw their hats in the air. It’s a powerful moment of accomplishment in a young person’s life and I wanted to work that idea in~

Edit: Updated with videos!

If you enjoy my fanart please give my original comic/manga 
SIN a try!

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Comments (35)
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willhardcastleart|Professional Artist
Verrrr nice
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lukemtraver|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Persona 5 is so good
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TessandraFae's avatar
TessandraFae|Professional Digital Artist
Love this!!! I'm a huge Persona fan.
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RoninRyker's avatar
Hot damn! I love me some Persona 5 and you brought it to life! Good job! (I have over 280 hours in P5. I have a problem)
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Davey-the-6th-moon's avatar
Fantastic work!
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EatenAliveByAnime's avatar
EatenAliveByAnime|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Akechi has to be in the background.
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Estonius's avatar
Awesome composition and group scene!
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Specter1997's avatar
Specter1997|Student Traditional Artist
Aaaah, looking cool gang!
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Spectral-Amnesiac's avatar
Spectral-Amnesiac|Hobbyist General Artist
Nicely done! 
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chichichichipndale's avatar
And then they all had their brains erased by floating UFO things named after Biblical characters. The End.
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orchidkitty|Professional Digital Artist
I like the circular composition, every character gets to be looked at:)
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well done
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DeadCobra's avatar
This is wonderful
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Justa-Watcher49's avatar
Impressive! Really love the perspective! 
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Harmonic8Discord's avatar
Whoa, looking cool Joker!
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TakemaKei|Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahhh Yusuke. Fabulous guy doing things fabulously.
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JaiyaPapaya's avatar
JaiyaPapaya|Student General Artist
This awesome!
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hs11-art's avatar
DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! Freaking perfect!

Looooove this piece man, I just can't say anything else!
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KenirotoArts's avatar
KenirotoArts|Professional Digital Artist
love the perspective!
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Odd5|Student General Artist
I'm currently watching Kubz Scouts on YouTube play it and it's amazing :D Love your fanart!
-From the Angel Dress girl from the Comic Con in Montréal ;)
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JaiyaPapaya|Student General Artist
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Amazing artwork, as always from you.^^
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