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The Mighty

Because it would've been silly of me to do Venture Bros work without my favorite character ;]

Anywho, presenting The Monarch, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Pupae Twins and the Fluttering horde of Season 3.

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What I like about these two is that they are villains yet in a perfectly happy marriage. Bad guys, good love. That's rare.

Amazing detail.  Personally, I would revamp Killer Moth Batman as a note-for-note copy of Monarch and to hell with anyone calling me a shameless copycat.
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I like the Monarch hes nuts but cool Dr Mrs The Monarch is hot despite her voice!
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This is stunning!
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So epic! I love it! "Fly my minions!"
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Totally awesome!
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This is ridiculously funny
and amazing art
Good job bud!
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Yes!!!! I love this.
With the new season bringing a change to the Monarch's character are you going to do a piece of him and 21 as the Blue Morpho and Kano?
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What's the theme here. Banana's or some sorta fly? 
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I love this show so much!
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Awesome, almost missed 21 but there he is in all his pudgy glory.
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Horray for all the right reasons
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I don't care how wrong it is to say, Dr. Girlfriend is fucking hot.
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Absolutely fantastic! Epic, sexy, fun, and captures the personalities of everyone perfectly in one big shot.  Great stuff!
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