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The Court

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I'm still a little butt-hurt from the New 52 retcons but to me, the Court of Owls is probably the best villain to be added to the Bat rogues gallery since the classics. Their design is iconic and the way Scott Snyder introduced them was great, he has the perfect writing style for Batman. He just... gets the character, between him and Capulo's art I haven't enjoyed a main ongoing this much in a long time. :]

Also want to note that this piece was inspired by Djurdjevic's amazing cover for Daredevil Issue#100
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WOW! Awesome, great work!
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From Top to Bottom: Tyler Hoechlin, Richard Madden, Olivia Wilde, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Affleck, still tryin' figure out lil Damian.
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La la la la :happybounce:  This is absolutely amazing I love it!
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A master piece, well done.
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Court of Owls is great, this makes it even cooler
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I love the court of owls
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Love this piece of art. Its a shame that nowadays great stories that have lasted for generations get mixed up in some nonsense nobody knows the actually truth to.
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A little unfamiliar of what affiliation Tim Drake has with Batman now with the New 52 reboot, but that's him as Red Robin up at the top right, isn't it?
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the bat family versus the court of owls.......amazing!!
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Best Fan Art of the Court of Owls I've seen on the entire internet.
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Best villain GROUP perhaps (move over, Borg).
Batman: "Take them down..HARD!"

Nightwing: "Yes Boss!"

Batgirl: "Hope you can keep up Gost boy haha."

Red Hood: "Watch and learn Babs, this'll even break Nightwing's record!"

Robin: "Superhero team ups are always killer...HIYAA!!!!"

Red Robin: "I got your six Nightwing!"

Nightwing: "Preciate that little bro."

Batman: "This madness of owls ENDS TONIGHT!"

Everyone but Batman: "Sir!"

*hope you liked the dialogue: great art by the way!
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 Such extravagant work here. Got to love DC comics. Love the realism and the depth and color tone you used. Clap 
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Wonder how the New 52 would have been received if it had been offered as an *alternative* universe as opposed the *mainstream* one. :S
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It would've died in a few years, like Marvel's "Ultimate" universe. I think they wanted a lasting change?
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Hi Drake, do you still have prints for this one?
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Your art is fantastic!
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