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Love seeing development sequence! :thumbsup:
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Wow, Incredible! I love seeing how the was developed from start to finish.
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Could you explain me the four step? :blushes:
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I need to practice with stuff like this. Good job!
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I love WIPs! Thank you for sharing! :D
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I need to know the process from panel 4-5 your linework changes into smooth awesomness..
Quirkilicious's avatar
I paint over and redraw most of it, lineart's an ILLUSION
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Ah, there is no fancy trick, just skill and experience, lol, oh well, I'll hold onto my hard lines for now
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Absolutely love this. Really great job on the image and thanks for posting pics of the progress. Really fun to see someone's work flow and get a feel for how a pic is developed. Awesome work.
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4 thumbs up.. it was great
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They seriously need to make a comic of this and you need to do the art duties! Really fantastic stuff!
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I love how you put up progress pictures for your artwork.
Steer-By-The-Stars's avatar
falls down
w ow this is great <3
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Man, you are the chosen one!
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you're getting really good (:
mord3K41s3r's avatar
Why the isrt lines are blue like made in color pencils?
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