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I really like how despite the many entitlements of the Targaryen name, Daenerys' growth from abused little sister, to loyal wife and finally conqueror is a path she still largely carved herself.

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You see now this......
this is awesome👍
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HNNNNNG!! The badass is so real here! *Headbutts the fav button* XD
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Bought this today for me and my boyfriend at FanExpo. Great job! Definitely the best fanart of Daenerys and her dragons at the con!
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This is fantastic, wow, really one of the best GoT fan art out there :D :D :D
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love it! she definitely has an awesome story arc. can't wait to see where she takes it from here. great work with the lighting. 
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Just visited your whole gallery, and for me, this is your best!!! Thanks for sharing your art with all of us, your works are super mega ultra great, you are sooo talented!!! Regards =D
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We are that she's not going to be the next on the Death Note of George.R.R.Martin.
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This is the last straw!!! I'm now going to HAVE to watch you ^^
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This is far too amazing! :)
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Amazing! I will take what is mine with fire and blood!
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More Dragons Please!
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B-but you can't make me like Daenerys... N-not even with your amazing art!!

Y-you CAN'T!!
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Dragons aren't normally that interesting to me, BUT this picture has such a great colour scheme and amazing depth.

Great work

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this. Is. AMAZING!!! I've always liked the character of Daenery's but seven hells have you made her downright freak'n epic!
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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totally agree with your description! and this is awesome as well :)
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This is absolutely GORGEOUS!

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