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Spidey Want

Back problems all around!

Felicia, Gwen and Mary Jane; I guess there's not enough Peter to go around.
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Now Flash wishes he was a science nerd.

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Nice & beautiful Quirkilicious Heart +fav  👍
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Like Bats, Spidey gets all the ladies. =D
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Hear that, Spidey?  Appears you have more fans (especially the girls) than you thought!
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blame Pete for their back problemsWink/Razz 
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What back problems?
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What a cute fluffy plushie! :D  (And why do I feel like Spider-Man's life just became a harem anime? ;))
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such luck for spidey 
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cool piece great design
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Even though Gwen died, she's the only one I approve of lol
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:o  But...Spidey should be with Felicia!  Maybe Silk now >_>  Hmmm...maybe being chased by and switching between them all!
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Spidey’s muses 

It's cute, three girls all love peter, but there's not enough Peter to go around.
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Nice scene, too bad Marvel's too much of an ass to let it happen

Or, to recap;

Gwen is dead, Felicia's turned full super-villain, and Mary-Jane is quickly becoming just about as likable as her Kristen Durst counterpart.
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Petey is awesome and so are these girls. Beautiful work.
how the fucking hell dose he get three beautiful girls going after him.
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