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Last but not least, Grass starters.

My first impressions of them weren't great, being a 10 year old little boy the choice between a warty thing with a flower or a freaking dragon (or a turtle with double-bazookas) felt kind of like a no-brainer.

I've grown to appreciate them now, though. ;]

That's it for me Pokemon-wise, hope you guys enjoyed these illustrations.

Edit: Now with Gen 6 & 7!
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that's one of the cutest yawn I've ever seen 😍

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Cool! :D
I've always been a sucker for Meganium, Torterra, and Decidueye! :D
Waluigi516's avatar
Not as much of an action pose as the other two
Xonter51stibium's avatar
Favorites, favorites all around. :+favlove:
LittleDragonKid's avatar
Meganium and Venusaur are cool.
Venusaur looks just Badass, he is a Boss pokemon :D
strongbad-joe132's avatar
I love the pose on Sceptile.
midnite300's avatar
grass starters: the chill guys
Wait did you just update this because before I didn't see chesnaught and decidueye in there.
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This kind of thing is why I've grown to love Grass Starters so much ^_^
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I wanna join them
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Nice lazy day my sun.
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I love all three of these pictures but this is my favorite. Such skillfully done and gentle coloring. 
HunterIce's avatar
I'm with you on this picture and it's so good and I like all the other ones as well
JSVB's avatar
They're the only ones that can seem to relax XD
wildpegasus13's avatar
No electric type piece? Oh well. These are all awesome!
you mean, updated version of his electric type piece?
i'd like to see that too.
wildpegasus13's avatar
I never even saw the original electric type piece. Didn't know he had done one.
shadowdoom10's avatar
I'll almost always choose Grass types, and my first was Turtwig.
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A warty thing with a flower XD Good one! Love the relaxed atmosphere of this piece :) 
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