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Ivy, Catwoman & Harley.

When I first picked up Gotham City Sirens for the "lulz" along with other Batman: Reborn titles I didn't think it'd be much of a read, however, it's proven to be quite good. (More than I can say for the ongoing Batman Beyond series, ugh.)

So here are the ladies in all their... villainessness?

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Wow just like a dream I had.
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The first thing that I think when I see them is:"Look,but No Touch!" :police:  Or even better:look to them with long-range binoculars,just for safe... ^^;
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cool what great work of the gotham sirens is awesome and fantastic catwoma, harley and ivy is sexy and hot in love congratulations friend:D:)
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frikin sweet, I love this art work
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harley quinn all the way!
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I love those comics! You've done a beautiful job
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In the words of James Franco "So good.".
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christ that's amazing
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My favorite villain trio
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ohhh the beautiful gotham sirens¡ 
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one trio of wicket ladies!
Evil-Furry-Lover's avatar
my three ladies all playing together at last :D
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They are all so glamorous! :iconexcitedlaplz: Lovely details and colouring ! 
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Needs more booty. But EXCELLENT job! Here, enjoy this video about these three.…
like your Harley
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Nice !
Good luck with new works !
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