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For "The Art of Gaming" [link] a local SFIV tournament & art show on June 12th-14th

Alpha-Ken showcasing the Sh-Sh-Shoryuken! Fun times. Had to rush this a bit because I had things to do, sorry if its not up to par with others.

Designs derived from his name's original meaning in the first SF game, "Fist"

- Fist brushes [link] by archnophobia
- Ken belongs to the Street Fighter franchise by Capcom
- openCanvas4.03, Adobe Photoshop CS3
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 its not Shoryuken its Sure! You! Can!  
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This move helped make fighting games possible. Once we gained the ability to do this we spammed it along with the Hadoken.
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I can do the tornado kick but only spin one time =3=
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I think it's the only special move which we can do in real life =3=
saster43's avatar
one of the few moves that i can even perform when i play street fighter....
NallCalmer's avatar
its so easy, its almost as if i don't even have to try. lol
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Kinda made me remind of mario 64 game...eryooo!
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Love it. Just Love it
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Hell yes!
Makes me feel like a kid again! XD
And Ken has always been my fav character! XD
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Ken is still my fav!!! aweeeeeee merci encore! je suis très motivée quand je vois un dessin pareil! :D
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nice artwork! got game cheat also.shoryu-reppa is the biggest combo for Ken. sorry my english is bad.huhuhuhu
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One step flowchart!
Awesome work
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:iconehondaplz::iconsaysplz:Can I have the chopsticks, Ken?

:iconkenmastersplz::iconsaysplz:SURE YOU CAN!
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Sho... ryu... KEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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that is the most beautiful foot I have ever laid my eyes on!
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nice wink. amazing work. luv it.
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the fact that you put in the button combo on this pic, makes it all the more epic!
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I just love his shoryuken
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