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For awhile now I didn't think there'd be another brilliantly clever, edgy cartoon as Venture Bros for me to really sink my teeth into. Sure there have been contenders such as Archer, Bob's Burgers and the like but even though they're quality shows they just didn't have the punch I saw in Rick and Morty

From the mastermind behind Community (Dan Harmon) and the voiceactor of Adventure Time's Lemongrab (Justin Roiland) it's a product of perfection and madness.

Illustration based loosely off this.

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Is that the bread monster from expiration date?

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"Morty, ahh fucking amish bitch shot me. She tried to purge me Morty, you let your wiener do the walking and now I'm dead."
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Oh, I saw this at Sydney Supernova a couple of years ago (were you there?).
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This looks better than the actual animation on the show
is this by you?…

if not you should do something about the person stealing your work
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Really excellent work. The lighting, composition, and use of the dutch angle are very effective. Well done.
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this is fantastic!
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Wow, I absolutely love it
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That's awesome! I also did a more "realistic" Rick and Morty fanart, but seeing yours is such an inspiration to get better 🙌
MaddieBat's avatar
jerry's face is amazing!!! XD
gordhanx's avatar
…Yup, pretty much the most accurate display of the show yet XD .
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sigh... ok... I'll watch you... I can't resist anymore
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I like how over-the-top these emotions look, expecially when mashed together with a semi-realistic design.
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Brilliant! I especially love the way you drew Beth.
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Lol, this is awesome!
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Rick kinda looks like Bill from Left 4 Dead. Great job on this.
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I love the show, awesome work!
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I love the art style switch. It actually works well with the characters!
xXJennieFoxXx's avatar
that resolution thou      Star!WStar! 
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Just wondering if you knew anything about this:…
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a more realistic look to rick and morty cool
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He doesn't give a shit Morty! He doesn't care!
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