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Sacred Seasons Booklet

Class project to create a concept art booklet, not official Sacred Seasons or Sacred Seasons 2 art. In fact, I changed a lot of the stories and concepts around in the writing.

Also the SS2 project was kind of bonked so I don't even know whats going on there.

I believe the title logo is by *ming85 ? Fellow staff "Ryan" (insert link here) was a springboard for a few of the concepts I have in there as well. Also, the map was not done by me either.
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Wooooow! The spring Shaman and the first elemental are like beyond perfect!!
TheNo1CynthiaFan's avatar
Nice to see that you made autumn fire instead of stereotyping summer into fire. Very nice
BLACKapostate's avatar
So awesome, I love your character and enemy designs :love:
isdeko's avatar
love it !!!!!!!!! just great !!!!
Windigor's avatar
Man, I'm just loving the controlled shape schemes for each faction! My favorite has to be the Guard for Spring, she just screams amazon warrior.
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blackinuzuka's avatar
is awesome
i totallt love it!
u r an incredible cartoonist!![link]
DeadSt's avatar
Awesome & Hellish at the same time for sure :D
JenniferEasley's avatar
Amazing work! Very thorough and a great looking project
xtolord's avatar
Great concept!
TheWizzler's avatar
WOW... i think it looks even better than the actual game art, if you drew this all or most of it, you would be one of the finest comic artists i've seen
HarryJ96's avatar
That's SO awesome!!!
liljil99's avatar
waow i love i !!!
good job
Phoenix-Kitten's avatar
I REALLY like how you blended in the seasons to elements. Very artistic & Stylish.
Chocorroles's avatar
I just saw all your new sketches and went to the website and OMD they will launch it this months D:
Ikarooz's avatar
I´d be winter scout (:<
well, as the folks here say, very very well done
FingersOfChrist's avatar
Or you stole this from a friend of mine, or he stole it from you ^^
bakanya's avatar
wow thats awesome! :wow:
I love the originality of the characters and clothes you come up with.:D
A-team's avatar
This makes me drool. I love the style of it.
Chicanda's avatar
simply amazing o o...
starthere13's avatar
D: Aaaga. But it looks incredible! I hope something turns out for you.....
scione's avatar
its huuge... awesome
beatricemichelle's avatar
This totally ROCKS!
I'd play this game!!
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