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Pokemon Generations

Protagonists from the main games: Red, Leaf, May, Brendan, Dawn, Lucas, Ethan, Lyra, Hildam, Hilbert, Calem and Serena.

I'll always be a Generation II fan so the release of Heart Gold and Soul Silver was pretty much the highlight of the franchise for me.

Edit: Finally added Generation V. Enjoy!

Edit: Added BW2 protagonists 8]

Edit: Added XY protagonists
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my favorite one is the guy with the glasses, the way you did draw him is cute.

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If you remember back when this was only updated to BW2 you deserve a veteran’s discount.

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Where is Kris? ;-;

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I love how most of them look a bit older here. Dawn is friggin' gorgeous :love:
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Kris is so poor...
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Oh my Martini Henry.
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Mars aeternum.
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so many of them 0w0
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The new Generation is out! How will you fit them in???
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Hilbert the best
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:D came back here hoping to see if the new protags get added.
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Nope, but I will be updating the starter's series~
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Aww, well I understand c: regardless this piece has always been in my mind and i talk about it a lot every couple years, amazing job on all your stuff <3
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Where's Kris? It feels incomplete, people tends to forget about her... :(  fav even so ;)
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Exactly!!!! :( I CAN'T STAND LYRA! She looks like she belongs in Willy Wonka's Factory. Plus, that stupid Toad hat! The entire design is soon stupid. Game Freak are jerks. Kris was the first ever female player character and she just gets poofed out of existence! NO! >~< 
This artwork is good, but I'm soo tired of Pokémon Company/Game Freak like Kris never existed. They did the same thing with Gold. Stupid Ethan is NOT Gold.  T___T :XD: Sorry for the rant but this was so dumb.
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Lyra replaced her. 
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personally I don't think that makes much difference. if you're going to do every generation then the Female trainer from Gen II should be involved even if she was changed in the remakes of the Gen 2 games.
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I see it as more of a regional thing. The artist included the most up to date characters (and their most up to date designs) per region. It's as simple as that. 
jeremeymcdude's avatar
well i look at the title as generations and i feel that every gen should be added into it. that's just what I feel on this. the artist can do whatever they please but for me i feel that she's left out considering its named generations. if it was named something about the different regions then it would make more sense.
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Each region is defined by its generation. The remakes, despite being in later generations, overwrite the canon of the original. 
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