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Sirens from the Borderlands franchise!

Still my favorite co-op game, although I haven't been spending as much time on the sequel as I did the first instalment which I played to death. Might remedy that situation, recently found out about "Ultimate" Vault Hunter Mode but I dunno, most of my friends quit and pub games are full of people who kill stuff before I can even touch it :<

Anywho, I miss Dbl-Anarchy-Lilith but my Melee-Zer0 has been really growing on me; I love setting up those massive 3mill melee hits and being able to solo bosses like Hyperius. :]

The lighting was really inspired by Alex Garner's DG cover: [link]

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i have to admit, I am not a huge gamer, but I am a huge fan of quality exciting artwork. Everyone on DeviantArt inspires me to some degree, and you are certainly among those who light a fire beneath/within me to step up my game.

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And now, 2 more to add to the pot
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Wow, all four of these ladies look good.
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phoenix lilith with dat hellcat was lit lit (literally lit).  mind games was fun with the dbl anarchy.  

fell in love with maya too.  converge, cataclysm, sub-sequence some deadly ass cc

i was gushing when lili popped up in bl2  <3  rocked a screenshot of her firehawk wings pose forever

 the infin pistol is vary noice touch
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I noticed The Slagga first.
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Love your work! Saw your Overwatch pieces on imgur a few weeks ago, and have been looking for your page! :D 
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stunningLove Heart Heart Heart 
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(contented sigh) Pandora. A world of jaded individuals with questionable morals, sweet loot, beautiful women, and big guns. What more could any sane man ask for.
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I love the colours, the light and the composition :)
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Ever wonder how powerful Angel would have been if Jack hadn't restricted her powers? I imagine reality manipulation, but that's just me.
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wow these girls are bad ASS...never heard of the game but man this makes me interested
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Who's the Blond Siren?
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Huh. I never realized that she was a siren... or at least could have been.
Apparently only 6 sirens can exist at any given time in the entire universe!
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I especially love how sexy Angel looks in this piece.
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Awesome work, I've never played Borderlands, but these girls looks super cool!
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really cool piece
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Holy crap....
That's far beyond epicness!
I absolutely love it!
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