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Pass into the Iris

Post-buff Zenny is a force to be reckoned with, that discord orb shreds everythinggggg. Also ulting is like 10x more fun with the speed buff, gotta go fast!

  Ryujin no ken wo kurae! by Quirkilicious Heroes never die! by Quirkilicious Dong zhu, buxu zou! by Quirkilicious Fire in the hole! by Quirkilicious Hammer down! by Quirkilicious Let's drop the beat! by Quirkilicious

If you enjoy my fanart please give my original comic/manga SIN a try!

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will it be cool if I use your picture for a thumbnail
taytimo's avatar
Yasss the master of harmony and discord OuO
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I jsut wanted to alert you that this image is being sold at this website:…
I don't know if you gave permission or what, but your signature has been removed and there's no further information. 
FireFlea-San's avatar
Wow, they even painted over his watermark. Teechip is such a bullshit site.
Wild-Fire-1187's avatar
Since posting this alert, I've come to find that Teechip is not only allowing this to happen en masse, they're PROMOTING people to sell stolen, popular artwork because the website itself benefits from the sales. It's effectively a black market site. This issue has been growing at an alarming rate, I'm seeing no less than five ads for this cesspool of a website daily on places like Facebook. I tried warning as many individuals as I could track down, but it's grown so much I can't even keep up with it anymore. I've just gone to putting up mass posts about it and warning artists to check for their stuff.
It just makes me so angry cuz gorgeous works like this are being stolen for profit and artists are being taken advantage of.
FireFlea-San's avatar
Same here; I'm seeing the adds regularly from all kinds of bullshit Facebook groups. I wish it could be taken down somehow.
Wild-Fire-1187's avatar
Well, I've been reporting the groups that have been posting them on Facebook, but I also found this Tumblr psot that has useful information should an artist find their stuff on the site:…
FireFlea-San's avatar
I've been sharing that tumblr post as well. It's a good one to share :)
Wild-Fire-1187's avatar
Indeed. Hopefully it will help artists that have fallen victim to this mess. :/ I just hope teechip will be taken down.
CoreOfInsanity's avatar
Zenyatta is my main! Love seeing this! <3
JupiterGrace's avatar
Amazing work ^0^ Zenyatta and Mondatta would totally love this work!!!
RNABrandEnt's avatar
Probably the easiest and most effective healer and defender on the roster. I use him. He gets the job done quite often. 
Cloudian0's avatar
I am loving this!!
wolfenthusiast's avatar
oh my god i love you
most people draw only 8 spheres
whiteknight64's avatar
so fucking awesome ;D
KnHawke's avatar
AWESOME depiction of my new main :)
pefp2008's avatar
Awesome. Wish it could be bigger T_T
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