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EDIT: Thank Jarein for realizing that the sleeves on Sage-Naruto were the wrong color. They're now fixed.

This is suppose to be my last Naruto related fanart (started it shortly after Naru-Sage made his debut in the manga) as I've grown rather distant from the franchise.

It chronologically illustrates the different stages of the protagonist's life, and in a way, how the series evolved over the years.

Here's to hoping there will not be any more major reincarnations of Naruto (Please, don't do it Kishimoto).

Though, I'm dissapointed that I never got to doing a piece on Neji, Gaara and other unmentionables.

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Uzumaki Naruto is from NARUTO by Masashi Kishimoto
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cool what great work of naruto uzumaki of naruto one of my characters fevourites of anime and manga is awesome and fantastic congratulations:D:)
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I love art like this :)
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Oh my lord that's the most perfect naruto fanart I have ever seen
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kagebunshin no jutsu.. cool art :)
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This is a beauty , I must say. And it bring out who Naruto is and his story. It's Always so cool with art because you don't need to write so much. Anyway, this make me want to see more of you artworks. Meow :3  I am a dummy! 
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It's really well done! Heart it!   Love 
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YEEEES Keep up the great work!
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love this pic it looks really cool....quirkilicious I like that name:)
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An artwork of Naruto?
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It's that boy!
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this is amazing
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you are amazing for this
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Me loves me some Naruto.
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I love this!!!
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