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The entire Ghost in the Shell franchise is usually the first answer I can think of when people ask me "What Anime do you like?", it was kind of my first real introduction into dystopian futuristic Sci Fi (granted, a lot of the original movie flew by my 14-year-old head.) and it's been impervious to my growth as a critic over the years. To this day I still draw a lot of inspiration from it in my work.

I rewatch S.A.C. and 2nd Gig once in a blue moon, and it's been really nice to have something new to look forward to with the "prequel" ARISE. It's pretty fun to see the team/characters in a premature state. :d

Edit: Progress shots on my Tumblr
EDIT: Did a load of color correction on the thing, so she looks less like a zombie. Hahaha~
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I love the Major, Awesome use of the colors and the angle you captured is, for a better lack of a word, awesome!!