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Korra Process

Uh yea.
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Thanks,I really needed to know your steps
lyramed's avatar
Amazing!!!  beautiful work :) 
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This will help me alot! Thanks Quirkilicious!
jerdare's avatar
exelent......simpy exelent.
Gingerninja321's avatar
so cool, i did a sketch of the same picture
ranma-chan's avatar
simply awesome!
OvFv's avatar
Propitiated4's avatar
cool, so where did the water/flames come from? How'd you do that?
Jeinaz's avatar
wow just wow ^^!
NinjaDaemon's avatar
Probably get this all the time, but do you have any videos showing you completing these images?
Phreyzah's avatar
A true mASTOR
Vanderstorme's avatar
how do you fade that lines after the cell shading O.o
KevinFThomasArt's avatar
if you using photoshop, use the mix brush tool (in the brush section). Also use a little or the dodge and burn tool after this or a soft brush
Vanderstorme's avatar
what settings go on the mix brush tool?
KevinFThomasArt's avatar
the settings :Wet, Mix, Load & Flow; should be about 10%- 30% (not extremely important).
But the important part is the small square box at the top left of photoshop!
make sure that to box COLOR is a very similar (not always exact) color to what you are blending (otherwise it will be like using a regular brush tool).
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daaaammmmnnn -jaw drops- OuOb -thumbs up-
KiddoPerez's avatar
i like the process :D
TheAvatarNamedKorra's avatar
This is my backround for my Tumblr blog :) Hope that's alright...
Lionstartheleader's avatar
teach me, oh great master how you picture bend like this.
LeslieLamadrid's avatar
Amazing! Thanks for sharing :D
Jellyfishbubblez's avatar
How did you make the colors so soft from step three to four and what program did you use? ^^
and Great job! :D
TsukiyoSophie's avatar
Really cool! I love how the water came out~
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