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Hydro Pump

Water starters, second in my series.

I said I tend to choose fire, my exceptions were Feraligatr and Empoleon. :d

Edit: Now with Gen 6 & 7!
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Normal games: Basic high-power move.

MD games: Hits multiple pokemon in a line! Always used!

in other words, the bird starters

if i had to choose starters of any type, i would pick Blaziken, Empoleon and Deducieye

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Cool! :D
I've always been a sucker for Swampert and Samurott! :D

Mad respect for Feraligatr (My brother had one in Gold) and Greninja (XYZ Fixed that for me) :)
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I think Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, and Frenzy Plant would be more appropriate titles for these pics
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OK, this is badass, favorite! :+fav:
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Just a heads up! This facebook page is using this artwork (I assume without permission)
Beautiful work by the way! 
edit: They also went out of their way to crop out the watermark. Really scummy.
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From the water/blue pokemons I only did liked Blastoise. (Ok I did love karnimani in the anime, he was funny ADHS dude ^^)
edit: Karnimani is just German, in English his Name is Totodile (sounds cute^^).
I growed up with german Pokemon Names, still confusing, that they are not all the same overall on the world :(
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Your art is absolutely stunning!

But someone is stealing it 

Pokemon(Fire) by EcasteyN21  (they have upladed a few of your pics)
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Greninja's mouth is present :|
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So gorgeous, from the beautiful blues to their poses. It does seem cramped on that wave.
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I've had this in my favorites for a long time and just noticed it's been updated! Love the updates to include the other water starters as well, :D
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Wow, very awesome adding both of the newest starter into them all. 
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Empoleon and Primarina are my favourites^^
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water ftw! <3
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IDK anything about pokemon these days, but what are generations all about.
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Each new set of games that introduces new Pokemon and a new region is a generation- remakes and updates go in the same generation as the most recent new set. Gen I is Red, Blue, and Yellow; Gen II is Gold, Silver, and Crystal; Gen III is Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen (as well as Colosseum and XD); Gen IV is Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver; Gen V is Black, White, Black 2, and White 2; Gen VI is X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire; Gen VII is Sun and Moon plus whatever games end up going along with them.
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Love these three for the starters that you've done.  Would love to see you do the main flying types, the main electric types (everyone has their own idea of what's the Pikachu equivalent) and even like the cats and eevees... but that's just me and it's cos your art is so cool
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U updated it! awesome <3
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