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Just about every little boy of the 90's must have had a MMPR phase, right? Hahaha. In fact, Tommy was the reason why my first favorite color was Green and he was also my first Antihero! Green Ranger probably set precedent for my obsession with the archetype in future media too~

But my god... I owned every 8'' figure from Mighty Morphing, they were distinctive in that the packaging was triangular and I remember thinking that they were relatively poseable and HUGE compared to my other action figures. xD

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Fuck yeah, green ranger!!!
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am still keep gonna keep my fingers cross for a white ranger pic 
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This is the best redesign I've seen.  It's effective, yet minimal.  It looks so much better while still maintaining the identity of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.  Man I really wish the Power Rangers movie incorporated something similar, rather than making them having very little aesthetic resemblance to the source of their adaptation. 

I would love to see more of your redesigns for the team, especially the White Ranger. 
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Hell yea power rangers
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hey can you do a white ranger version of this? pardon me for asking
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draw one where his head flips into his chest and another head without a mask comes out
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Shared on my facebook page:…

for the theme "green"
Fun fact: Jason David Frank (actor who played Tommy Oliver aka Green Ranger) is a real life MMA fighter. But known for winning 5 fights as far as I know.
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So awesome it hurts! And all the design tweaks work quite well.
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This beings back memoirs
Amazing work! ^-^
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Jason David Frank is my hero and always will be
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:jawdrop: please tell me you will do the other MMPR members? :love: This is a glorious rendition of Green Ranger.
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I loved this show when I was younger, the movie too. I think Tommy was the reason my favorite color was green too.XD
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What the last guy said, awesome!
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Born in '88 and still have a soft spot for Pokemon, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the DCAU. Thanks for the fond trip down memory lane and please keep up the great work.

PS ~ Did you edit this at some point? Either I faved this some time prior or I'm having a weird case of deja vu.
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And I just now saw my *first* reply from October. A thousand apologies. :ashamed:.
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Not just boys of the 90's! Then again... I think I was the only girl I knew at the time who was super into the first season of MMPR.... And I loved Tommy as both Green and White ranger!  I stopped keeping up with it during Zeo....

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