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Fire and Ice

A couple of iconic mutant ladies :d

I need to catch up on my X-books, been really enjoying what I've read from Immonen & Bendis on All New X-men. Also terribly behind on Ultimate Comics X-men, why am I so busy! :|
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I looked up Bendy and the Ink Machine and got this...
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Absolutely Beautiful what rich color and style Love this!!!
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Awesome work. :D
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Great work on a great duo!
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   Wonderful!!! Phoenix and Emma Frost, perfect pair .
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is amazing!! >_<
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The fire is a bit overwhelming in the piece, I wasn't expecting it perfectly half and half, but there is hardly any blue. Great Piece tho!
I have never really like Phoenix,Jean, or Emma but I can really appreciate the contrast here.
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You too can have Trojan's Fire&Ice!
Lol, i love this so much
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Love the contrast!
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WOW! Stunning work!
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Uncanny is really good, too. Wolverine and the X-Men is amazing. Even X-Men Legacy is fun- very very different.
OMG Phoenix! 'nuff said! Awesome work!
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Excellent work! -- can't make up my mind if it's very 'hot' or very 'cool', though! :) LOL
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wow...O.O incredible work!! :clap:
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Beautifully done! Great job!
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Amazing as always!!!
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I could totally see this as an actual cover.
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