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January 16, 2012
Fire Blast by *Kuroi-Tsuki
Featured by TommyGK
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Fire Blast

Fire Starters, first in a series. :]

I tend to choose the these guys when I play.

Edit: Oh wow, was wondering where the sudden wave of new comments on my Pokemon series came from. Thanks for the DD!
Edit: Now with Gen 6 & 7!
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Clash of the Starters.

Is it ok if I use I use this in a project of mine, which full credits going to you? Mainly for the sole reason than this artwork LOOKS SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!

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Cool! :D
I've always been a sucker for Charizard, Delphox, and Cindrace! :D
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Oh, wow, you really changed the outlay of this one.
Waluigi516's avatar
I think you meant layout 
Waluigi516's avatar
Ox? Snake? Horse? Sheep? Whose the Gen IX starter gonna be?
MystifiedBeef's avatar
I hope when they do the Ox they base it off the Minotaur
Waluigi516's avatar
Fakemon: Fire Starter by DrCrafty  Check this out
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My mainly picked starter Pokemons, BURN THEM ALL!
Oh and also I LOVE red and I mean... charizard is a dragon... that was a must have in the first edition, easy first dragon Pokemon :D
To be honest, fire starters have always been my least favourite of the starters, but I like your take on them the most:D
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I LOVE the Fire-Starters! Ever since I first saw the episode where Charizard fought Blaziken back in elementary school, I became fascinated by them. Not only that, but Red is my favorite color. So, I vowed that whenever a new generation is revealed, I'll always choose the Fire-Starter. Nowadays, that rule has changed and I also choose the Grass/Water-Starters for a different version of the game.
Also, here's how I rank my Fire-Starters, from least favorite to favorite:
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hey, a store in san antonio tx @ north star mall is selling your (older version) art as a wallscroll:
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Yea, I think I've seen the same product at a convention. Stuff like that just gets mass produced in China and stores/vendors buy it from them without even knowing if it's licensed/stolen.

Not much I can do~
Wow, you managed to make Typhlosion look cool! It's fallen off on my list of favorite fire-starters but this makes me appreciate it more!
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The only one of these I've used so far was Incineroar in regards to my main starter.
Looks like a pretty epic training scene
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Just realized Charizard is the only one with wings!
Pikafan2000's avatar
I never noticed that either until you mentioned it.
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So many, looking cool.
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I'm glad I was looking at the trio of pics you did of the starters just now. I never would've known you added my wizard fox and pro-wrestling cat to this one. 
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Incineroar sure seems excited about getting kicked in the face!
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hi all can any1 tell me where  can i buy this starters pokemon posters???
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