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Final Destination

Its unfortunate that I couldn't jam all the characters into one illustration (for technical and time-saving reasons xP) but when narrowing it down to four I like to think Mario, Kirby, Pikachu and Link are the Nintendo staple boys.

You've got the original plumber mascot, the pink side-scroller alternative, the giant Japanese parent-money-eating franchise, and the only pretty-boy-RPG that Nintendo has ever done right.

Anywho, SSB games are probably the best fighters ever concieved. There are "classics" like Street Fighter, KOF, Tekken etc. But in my opinion, nothing is quite as innovative and fun as the SSB franchise in the genre.

Mario, Kirby, Pikachu and Link belong to Nintendo
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Kirby is like "I got a fucking sword!"
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Does Mario have a mullet?
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Downright impressive!!
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YAY Link, Mario and Kirby! My favorite Nintendo mascots!
That's so amazing!
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Link looks sexy! <3
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todos quedaron bien pero no me gusto el diseño de la cara de Mario.
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Love this!!! AWESOME WORK! Cutie Thumbs Up 
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Very nicely done !!
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Mario must've lost weight for the fight but it's very  good work...
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This is amazingly badass. I'm not even a Nintendo fan so that just goes to show how well you've done this
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no obstructions just a flat platform for the final battle royale :D 
simply bad ass
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Just saying mario won,because he mario.
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you somehow made Mario look badass here. O___o I'm not sure how that's possible, but you did it... well done.
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This is so cool!!! I'm adding it to my faves!!!!Llama-Emoji-02 (Blush)
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im so saddd it was sold out when i get to your booth :(((

definitely gonna buy this next year on comic con... for all cost
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