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Fight Club



I'm going to kick myself for not doing the final scene with Narrator/Jack & Marla every time I look at these.

Anyway, Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club put into context of a pseudo kids-story-book for a class project.

I thought it was really fitting for the genre. Fight Club explores the idea of finding your place in the world, isolation, overcoming loneliness and ultimately, balancing between one's search for personal value or society's perception of success. All of which conveniently fall within the realm of "growing up".

- Instead of meeting Tyler on the plane they meet on the bus.
- They have the same backpack.
- Penguin is Jack's ' power animal'
- Tyler's shirt says "You're not special"
- Their first 'fight club' is held in the school's boys locker room.
- Marla Singer was going to be a little Goth girl.
- At the end I was planning to have them burning down the school as opposed to dismantling banks globally.

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Damn I love the boys version of them for sure