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Fight Club

I'm going to kick myself for not doing the final scene with Narrator/Jack & Marla every time I look at these.

Anyway, Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club put into context of a pseudo kids-story-book for a class project.

I thought it was really fitting for the genre. Fight Club explores the idea of finding your place in the world, isolation, overcoming loneliness and ultimately, balancing between one's search for personal value or society's perception of success. All of which conveniently fall within the realm of "growing up".

- Instead of meeting Tyler on the plane they meet on the bus.
- They have the same backpack.
- Penguin is Jack's ' power animal'
- Tyler's shirt says "You're not special"
- Their first 'fight club' is held in the school's boys locker room.
- Marla Singer was going to be a little Goth girl.
- At the end I was planning to have them burning down the school as opposed to dismantling banks globally.

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Damn I love the boys version of them for sure
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Really cool! Yeah for reals! Definitely keep doing more and more fighting scenes like this alright?

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wow great idea and  awesome work love it
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Jack really love penguins! :)
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Awesome age bend and interpretation of the movie. I was far too young to enjoy it when it came out but happened to like it a lot lately
"tyler who were you fighting?"

" father"
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This is an awesome take!
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I know we're not supposed to be talking about it, but...
My little cousin would LOVE to read this (she sort of walked in on me watching the movie and developed a mini-obsession with it), dude, you NEED to put the rest of it up like this...
Hell, I'd love to read this!
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I see the film as more a battle of Id, Ego, Super Ego. That and gay fantasies.
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This is amazing
I like the idea and since fight club is as much of a social satire as it is an action film, i would like to see the kids criticizing the adults and other kids who spend their time playing video games or do everything they can to get good grades. It would be fun.

Just imagine Tyler saying, "You are not your nintendo" or "You are not your A+ grades."
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Haha yes I support this theory!
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this is my favourite post on this entire website this is just brilliant
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awesome work *^*
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Awesome work, hope you pull it of! =)
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This is amazing! I would never of thought My favorite movie could work so well in this sort of context, but you proved me wrong. Very creative ideas and great art. Great work!
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Very, very cool. I always liked Fight Club, especially as I got older and the film had a lot more meaning to it for me. It was like listening to a madman's manifesto, only I was surprised with how much I agreed with it. Tyler Durton, you sneaky bastard.
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Putting Fight Club in the context of a psuedo-kid's-story is really fitting. Lord of the Flies was a huge hit, I can see this being one as well.
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I really wish you would make another piece like this; the idea of school fight-club is an awesome one and I definitely want to see Marla.
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please make more fight club artwork, i really wanna see marla
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