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FANART: Ichigo Vaizard v.3

This is like, my 3rd (hopefully last) time attempting to make a good picture of Kurosaki Ichigo. [link] [link] I guess I just really like his Bankai outfit and the first two tries looked hideous.

Durrrr, Bleach fanart. Notsofunny story, I named the file for this piece "Ichiban" short for "Ichigo Bankai" and I didn't realize the cup noodle reference until I was pretty much done coloring it.

Hmm... I can't decide if I should do another one of Rukia or Hitsugaya. I know Bleach's popularity has gone down a bit since Huenco Mundo, right?

[ Technicals ]
openCanvas 4.03: Sketch, Lineart, CG

[ Reference(s) / Inspiration ]
- Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach by Kubo Tite
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I don't really follow Bleach, but Ichigo's amazing.
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Dude your bloody good!
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hey i like this shot~! tis sweet~!
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Ichiban? LOL That means #1 in Japanese...
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Nice Capturing of sinister Bankai Ichigo
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Amazing >w<
in fav'
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You do impressive work. :)
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yea his fullbring kinda sucks
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my mom bought me this one too :)
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delicious. :iconirapeitplz: ichigo is AMAZING!!

...really? i just thought the freakin filler right in between where they ended in...whatever year that was, and where they started, oh...last year, made the ratings go down. cos that was stupid...and i dont think it was just hueco mundo; in my opinion, BLEACH's popularity went down after they started to take away all the FRICKIN BLOOD!! *brookland rage* ...anyway. im done now. forgive me. *bows*

this is still an awesome art!!
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Love the art. I don't think the popularity of Bleach has gone down although I have to admit it's at the point where it could have ended, but Kubo's just dragging out the money for money reasons now.
really [link] i always love the hueco mundo series
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