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FANART: Cursed Uchiha

Taking Uchiha Sasuke's ugliest form (lipstick and handwings? Wtf?) and trying to make it pretty. Ah yes, the concept of fanart at it's finest.

Okay, maybe not it's "finest" but you get it. First in a series of illustrations I'll be doing for Otafest and Animethon to sell.

Sort of coupled with this old one of regular Sasuke [link] I guess. (Ew.)

[ Technicals ]
Pencil + Paper: Sketch
openCanvas 4.03: Lineart, CG
Photoshop CS3: Color adjustments and touch-ups

[ Reference(s) / Inspiration ]
Uchiha Sasuke belongs to NARUTO created by Masashi Kishimoto
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radiatingeyez's avatar
You made his form prettier indeed :)
Is this posted on your tumblr? I'd love to reblog it haha
sakura20201's avatar
I like the hair :3
wow...........i love the art here...instant fav
SanityIsNotKey's avatar
need I say more?
The comment below me says it all
blackwings309's avatar
wow :omg: It's hard to believe it's possible to make a hot looking Sasuke in this form. I've always hated this form but now he looks like a god.
jocelinne99's avatar
God I love that devil mmmmm
you make a amazing job whit the lights!!! i like so much tha hair of sasuke... is one of the most dificult part n you made it!! yeah!! thanks!!!
Jimku's avatar
UnknownDespairLost's avatar
I haven't seen Naruto
I kinda disslike the overating over it
but this picture is ....... epic just epic
upsidedown-motchi's avatar
Yeah, Kishi must have been staring at Xemnas for way too long before designing it.

I laughed so hard when I saw how obvious they were.
tereza2011's avatar
Holy shit.
Dem nipples.
I only just noticed.
:iconsasukeplz: :iconitachiplz: :iconleaderplz: :iconkonanplz: :iconzetsuplz:
:iconakatsukiplz: :iconakatsukiplz: :iconakatsukiplz: :iconakatsukiplz: :iconakatsukiplz:

:icondeidaraplz: :iconkisameplz: :iconhidanplz: :iconplzkakuzuplz: :icontobiplz:
:iconakatsukiplz: :iconakatsukiplz: :iconakatsukiplz: :iconakatsukiplz: :iconakatsukiplz:

:iconitachiplz: HEY IS THAT U LIL BROTHER??? :iconsasukeplz: UGLY!?! I THINK I LOOK HOT
Ramencakeswithicing's avatar
DAMN THATS SEXY!!!! also awesome drawing it rocks
McAlli's avatar
Glad to see I'm not the only one that was completely freaked/grossed out by that. :XD:
wolves3000's avatar
wow outstanding
eldergoose's avatar
I'm not into anime anymore, but I gotta say,
I like how you drew this! :)
kittykade's avatar
You actually made his cursed form not look like a badly drawn Succubus. Your fantastic
villamar's avatar
I see you replaced the ugly hand thingies with real cool wings xD
Sina95's avatar
OMG hot 0///0

chibinekobananaz's avatar
wow thats is awsome!! ^^ you make it look way cooler than the anime version i wish it looked more like that XD
gaaragangarsasuke's avatar
i like his hair ^.^
for some reason that tattoo ( if that is what it is) on his nose just creeps me out.....But it looks great!
I agree with everyone above! xD
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