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You'd think having watched Evangelion about 10x over now because of all the remakes has sort of killed Rebuild for me. Nope! Totally into it, haha.

I think what I enjoy most about Rebuild is that it's a lot more accessible than the original series, which is a huge plus. The plot is way easier to follow now that the storytelling has been streamlined for coherency. Although I still can't help but grind my teeth at the fact that the entire world repeatedly falls in the hands of a brooding, insecure little boy who's already struggling with his own existentialism. Also the additional pilot (Mari) just feels excessive to the original cast, like she could've easily been omitted while an existing character filled her role. I don't know, we still have one episode left I guess! :]

Anyway I ended up incorporated some old and new designs into the image. I kept Unit 00 blue (instead of yellow) and Rei's white plug suit (instead of black) but gave Unit 02 & Asuka their designs from Rebuild to kind of show my appreciation for the franchise as a whole.

Enjoy! :]

Edit: Progress shots on my Tumblr!
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Okay... This is absolutely great!