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I didn't think I'd really like Doctor Who when my girlfriend first convinced me to start watching it (more of a gritty-pseudo-realistic-sci-fi kinda guy) but it easily won me over right off the bat!

It's wacky, outrageous and fun juxtaposed by dark themes/plots, relationships and character depths. Watch it and you'll find it terribly difficult not to fall in love with the brilliant writing, dated special effects and of course, the often eccentric Doctor. ;]

PS. David Tennant for life! <3 (Although Eccleston was my first)

PPS. Favorite episodes in order of appearance~
• Doomsday
• The Girl in the Fireplace
• The Family of Blood
• Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead
• The Waters of Mars
• The Stolen Earth / Journey's End

EDIT:: Added the 12th! I thought about adding the War Doctor but decided not to since he relinquished the title "Doctor" during that incarnation... I was also feeling laaaaaaaaaaazy xP
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