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Die, die, die!

I may or may not have whispered "die, die, die!" under my breath multiple times while working on this *_*

I enjoy Reaper, always been a close-range-shotgun type of player with FPS games. Although I do wish you could shift out of his wraith walk on whim to dodge skills and make counter plays *coughMccreestuncough*

Anyway this will be my last piece for awhile since I'll be doing a bit of traveling in a couple of days... (yea I'm missing launch :/ )  I'll be back for more though!

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:OOOOOOOOO Just amazing!!!! All the arts are incredible! 
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Your dream has come true.

you can cancel out midwraith walk
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I know I'm so happy T_T

Can't believe they're adding shit I already wanted back in 2016
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Love this one =) Awesome work. Borrowing it for a reaper vid on YT, I will be sure to include your link and info <3 
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I wish they kept his original Ult line, "Time to Reap!"
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Your art is being sold by Overwatchmei on red bubble. I really hope it's you. But I though I'd let you know
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"Keep Calm and Reap On."- svolozhanin7 2016@
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not original, its on one of his sprays.
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That's a reference....
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oh i herpyderpmcderpfacesalots'd
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What am i reading?
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me saying i derp't

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Makes sense... I think?
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I hope you could create these OW posters (especially reaper) for a wallpaper/landscape poster!
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I could see this picture as a really cool tattoo..... too bad I don't allow tattoos on my body.
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