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My very first 2 "fandoms" that I could remember was MMPR and TMNT and I also really got into subsequent rip offs like Street Sharks and Biker Mice from Mars. When those Live Action films hit in the 90's it was like the biggest thing ever for a kid!

Anyway there have been many, many reiterations of these guys over the years so I kinda wanted to do my own take. :]

Green by Quirkilicious
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What a Masterpiece I love it

SilentMortal's avatar that's a dynamic artpiece alright!
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cool what great pic of the tmnt my team favourite of cartoons and comics is awesome and increible cowabunga congratulations friend is one great work:):D
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You my friend have true Turtle Power! Fantastic artwork!
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Theses turtles are so cool.
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I love being a turtle
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Excellent TMNT original version, thanks
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My childhood in one picture. LOVE the turtles...
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Very nice, very clean and polished look.
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Awesome, Love the shading, lighting, poses, expressions, designs, colouring and details.
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omg this is so awesome :+favlove: !!!
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I just love the composition and how they fill the page!
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This is amazing! You did the turtles justice.
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So amazing, then i saw Raf holding the sais wrong, so sad. Many get that bit wrong, and if I hadn't been trained in their use, Id have never known. Sometimes ignorance is bliss... Otherwise fantastic work!
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Amazing job. Love it!
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