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Published: April 22, 2018
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With the release of the utterly disappointing "The Guardian Code" I think it's important to remember what made Reboot such a great franchise. I really loved the part where Matrix finally brings Bob back to Mainframe and you find out Dot's been holding out with her guerrilla forces the entire time. Made me wonder about the stories she must've had during those days!

As for the new series... a lot of people chalk it up to a demographic problem where the show's targeted at a new, younger audience and not meant to be for older fans and honestly the issue is far beyond that. After skimming through the 10 episodes available I'm confident in saying that it's just terribly uninspired and so creatively dry that it'll be void of any semblance of the original's iconic run. Maybe they'll turn it around but I'm not optimistic.


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I love it when someone can capture those moments we don't necessarily see on screen....

What stories indeed.

This moment feels like taking a breath in the quiet, in a world full of pain.

Beautiful. :heart:
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Thank you for wonderful fanart of my two favorite characters from that show T_T
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Cybermage86Professional Digital Artist
Wow, nostalgia!
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Thalia-DawnbringerHobbyist Writer
I have to agree with you - I took a peek at "The Guardian Code", and I was completely unimpressed...it's nothing like the original series at all...  The story is generically boring, nothing can beat Tony Jay's performance as Megabyte, and the animation is just...eh...  Makes me want to write my own head cannon for the series...

This, however, is a beautiful tribute to the original series - deep and emotional.
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JohnnyCurcioProfessional Writer

Guardian code is trash.
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So many good memories of this show.
Thank you for sharing.
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Creslix6Hobbyist General Artist
Wooo Reboot!
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Yami-HorusStudent General Artist
Lovely piece <3 Personally, I would have loved it if the new series was about how Dot,  Mouse, and Fong lived during Megabyte's hold of Mainframe. Even if they had created a prequel about Mainframe before Bob, before Dot's father was nullfied.

BUt NOOOO. THEY DID A FREAKING FANFIC! The thing's basically a crossover of Kid Spies 3, Reboot and a bit of Tron with IronMan-sprinkles on it; wrapped in teenaged drama.
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True, love Reboot but that guardian is the New Power Ranger that they stick a Reboot label on it. If you dont plan to please the old fans why using the same name? They should have create a new tv serie stealing the ideas of reboot bnut calling it something else its would be less damageable.

Great work has always. Mouse and Dot have a decent likeness. I wonder if you chould do Matrix in a Cable Pose.
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RedBloodedWingsHobbyist Traditional Artist
Holy yes this is epic. Loved that awesome show
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ReixmaHobbyist General Artist
And you included Mouse!!
She's my most favourite character with Dot as second.

Love those two! :love:
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I grew up on Reboot, it was one of my favorite shows and I loved it to bits. I had known from pretty early on that I wasn't interested in the reboot of Reboot, but I didn't even know it was already out!

Just wanted to say, I saw your pic on the front page and it made my day, it was so cool to see Reboot fanart and remind me of such a big part of my childhood.
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I'm still avoiding it, nothing I hear is good about that damn thing...

I want our old reboot back
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GazzycakesHobbyist General Artist
Im very sad hearing this... :(  
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Yeah, I was awfully disappointed when I saw what the Reboot reboot (hah) was shaping up to be. Great work on this though!
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wow that was an awesome picture too an awesome show =3
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This is really great
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A show ahead of its time. Awesome work here
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Right in the childhood! Such good times back then ^-^ Too bad about the rebooted series being that bad, I'm not hearing anything positive so I'm a little scared to even check by this point. I think I'll keep the souvenirs of a fun show intact and keep it to the memories. X3
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OMG REBOOT!  I know there's a lot of stuff out there but it's always fun to see things from my first favorite 'CG' tv show... even if the cg is down right atrocious compared to today.  Great art renditions.
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I gave the new show 2 episodes and just couldn't force myself to watch any more.  Love your take on the iconic characters.
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Doctorwholovesthe80sHobbyist Writer
Yeah, you'd think having a new series of "Reboot" would be awesome. It was the first CGI cartoon and with nowadays advances in Mo-Cap and such, "Reboot" could have blown peoples minds again.

But no.

This is JUST like that "Jem" live-action movie that had zero to do with the cartoon and came off more like a "Hannah Montana" ripoff.
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FenrirFreefallStudent Photographer
Yeah I did not care for the show either. It seems like the show would have been better if it was a live action Code Lyoko. While I enjoyed the fact that they got everyone they could to reprise their roles from the original, some of them felt very phoned-in (I'm looking at you BOB. Tony Jay is dead so they had to replace Megabyte and he was convincing what's your excuse?) I also would have liked to see Matrix and AndrAIa.
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