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May 21, 2009
Bus Stop by ~Kuroi-Tsuki. A sleek and smooth interpretation of our favorite South Park boys!
Featured by aunjuli
Suggested by elicoronel16
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Bus Stop

EDIT: Whoa! It appears I've gotten a DD, er... Thanks! I'm glad SP gets some recognition around here, it really is a great show. :]

Cartman: ...and that's why Jews deserved to die in WWII.
Kyle: What?! No! The Jews didn't...!
Stan: *Sigh* I hate this town.
Kenny: Why's that person looking at me? They're going to kill me. I know it.

Referencing a classic scene: [link]

I hated South Park when I first saw it. It was nothing but non-stop profanity, toilet humor and for the most part, the characters weren't very interesting.

But then somewhere along the way (Season 4?5?) Trey and Matt decided to start giving the show a little more depth. Now it boasts a brilliant mix of comedy (most notably it's dark humor), satire and social commentary as it responds quickly to cultural trends and current events.

Hell, if parent's weren't so damn conservative I'd nominate South Park to be the most educational and insightful show out there for kids/teens that isn't "lame".

Needless to say, I'm a huge SP fan.

PS. Would've finished this last night but I got caught up playing SEGA's Stormrise, which sucked. (probably because I had the PC version and my laptop fails so it sort of lagged)

PPS. Black outlines on the figures were intentional to flatten the illustration, homage to the cartoon's simplistic paper-cut-style.

openCanvas 4.03

Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny belong to South Park by Trey Parker and Matt Stone
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I haven't watched the show even once and I still recognized them based on their clothing.
goosetooth's avatar
Not a fan of the show . .; but I really love this nice job c:!
Blasterixx's avatar
Ultimate-Jasper's avatar
it should be illegal not to put this in your favorites.
RD-DD1843's avatar
It does get cold in South Park!
SuperSapien64's avatar
Ah fan art how I'll never grow tired of it, why does poor Kenny always have to die there's far more deserving people instead harmless innocent Kenny dies. And Eric never shows much empathy if any for people can literately get away with murder, I guess there an allegory injustice.

Great image by the way.
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omg, south park! I wasn't interested in it until I watched pewdiepie do a playthrough of 'South Park, the stick of truth'
The-real-MorpheusOne's avatar

That asshole, pewdiepie, has got to be, at least, one of the unfunniest fucking morons on the entire internet. I don't give a fuck how many fans/subscribers they have; have you ever looked at the intelligence level of large swaths of people on the internet?!

Ultimate-Jasper's avatar
Dude really? It took almost 20 years for you to see how hilarious this show is?
simsplayer's avatar
I didn't really care for it. I saw an episode when I was younger, and it kinda scared me. It was when cartmen couldn't wait for teh nintendo wii so he froze himself in snow and he woke up in the future. Then he found out otters wanted to kill for some reason. I'am almost twenty myself, so...
Ultimate-Jasper's avatar
Same for me I'm almost 20 as well, and I remember that episode to. It was funny.
WithinATragedy's avatar
I like that this is realistic and I'll be really glad if nobody tries to make a realistic version of Mr. Hankey 0_0 :poo:
pennd4's avatar
Stan looks perfect!  I wish they would make a South Park movie that would look like this.  Just like a one time thing would be amazing.
Ultimate-Jasper's avatar
Like that ninja episode when they looked like detailed anime cut outs instead of normal cut outs?
DaGoodCaptain's avatar
Oh I have found more truth and wisdom in this show than nearly any other source.

Anyways this has to be the single best piece of SP fan art ever! Great job!
DPlazycat's avatar
OWESOME!! lot of fun
LiverSquiver's avatar
I dont wanna kill kenny...HE LOOKS SO CUTE AND CUDDLY
namcol's avatar
lol southpark
tremor7's avatar
Brilliant emotions! I agree; SP will be researched by future generations as the best in 21st century art.
TheMoonlightSeedling's avatar
FREAKING SWEET. I live how Cartman and Kyle are fighting... again :P And WOW did you make Kenny hot!
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