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Ah, Batman Beyond. Probably as good as superhero cartoons are going to get aside from the original Batman: TAS. Bruce Timm is so boss.

Had "Return of the Joker" playing in the background while working on this, nomnomnom.

I also picked up the first 2 volumes of the new Batman Beyond comic a couple of days ago, something worth just sinking my teeth into I suppose.

Duotone speedpaint.
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this looks amazing

This is really great work.

Awesome, Batman beyond is one of my favorite tv series thank you, for drawing the art depicting it.

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I love that show, this is really cool
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I liked that series. I don't recall McGuiness being actually a son of BatMan (sort of) in the original episodes. Or that Blight was finally turned into sludge by his intense ever-growing radiation.
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Nicely done piece. Being a fan of the series myself it captures alot of emotion.
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I remember toonami used to show this , man i miss those days.Headbang! Headbang! Wink/Razz 
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Beyond awesome. Nice work.
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Just outta be curious, in the cartoon is inque batman beyond's arch nemesis like how joker was to normal batman?
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Batman Beyond - a hero consisting of 2 - a young boy with a cybernetic suit , and a old man, with a bad leg, guiding him by remote.
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(I shameless Batman Beyond fan!)
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Is that girl in the back Dana? Great artwork btw.
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Nice art. He's an under appreciated hero.
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God, now I want a Batman Beyond anime! Dammit, why?! This is great. And I agree that Batman: TAS is one of the greatest cartoons I've ever seen. Love every episode, even the weird ones...Mark Hamill, you make my Joker epic.
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In my opinion Batman Beyond is superior to TAS. Beyond shows Terry's struggle to balance his dual lives better than it does Bruce's (though admittedly that was partly because of Bruce being an eccentric playboy billionaire, so he didn't really have to try as hard to hide his identity as Batman, but they still could've shown it a bit more), that's my biggest reason.
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there is a batman beyond short ^^.....…
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Best Batman Costume
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OMG.... its perfect best show from my childhood
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Fionna oooo  :heart: rvmp Wooooow! This is lovely!
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