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Really happy to see the spirit of Jacen Solo live on in the new films as Kylo Ren, I'm just always a sucker for hero-turned-villains <3

Blah blah blah something about a mother's love and the light side of the force... ART!

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This is awesome!!!

What an amazing piece! I love the way you drew our General. Really captured the essence of both our General and Ben/Kylo. Lovely piece

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I miss the EU too, by the way will you ever make artwork for Darth Caedus/Jacen Solo? I can't find any high quality artwork of the character besides the iconic Japanese Star Wars book covers.

Anyway I love the artwork.
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Considering what happened to Carrie.........
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it MUST be said : you made Kylo Ren BADASS !!
I didnt believe that even possible.
You're a fucking genius, dude.
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Hey I was wondering if I could commission a darth Maul piece like this?:) and eventually Vader and Grievous
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I don't care what others say,this movie is amazing and my guilty pleasure. Everyone going crazy about Rouge One and I'm like "Hey guys! You still remember the previous one?" XD
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Amazing and cool art work, congratulations! Clap Worship 
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I wonder if Rey's gonna have characteristics of either Jaina Solo or Ben Skywalker...
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I know a lot of people weren't a fan of Kylo, but I love his character. You did a great job at portraying him. Your art is amazing as always anyway! Keep it up!
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Beautiful work.

Except for the Heir to the Empire trilogy when Jaina and Jacen were born, I've not read any of the other stories chronicling the twins' lives, but I knew that as soon as you find out about Kylo Ren being Han and Leia's son, it was a nod to Jacen.
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And the fact that he starts out as Jedi trained by Luke but then turns to the dark side... Haha
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Ben... 😍😍😍😍
Amazing work 😍
More Ben Solo, more Reylo :D
May be the Force be with U!
Have a nice day!
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It's wonderful!
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This is so awesome *.* love it!
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Just insane, this is incredible
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Very nice lighting and shading. Love the pose!
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Was Ben really a hero in the first place? We know next to nothing about him.
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he was in the jedaii order
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I just LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this one. I love the colours and I love the symbolism behind it! it's gorgeous!
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