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Finally got around to playing Dark Souls 1 (I started with 3) when they ported it to the Nintendo Switch and really wanted to draw Artorias, such a slick design and sad story.

I tend to the flame, and tend to thee by Quirkilicious

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I cried when I had to kill them
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This is so really awesome Wow! 
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Have you fought Artorias (the DLC is included in the remaster)? The Abyss Watchers from DS3 in the 2nd phase have a similar combat style.
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OMG ....SO DAMN EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Stunning work!!!

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Amazing and Badass
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I do not know how I missed you these eleven years but now that I found you. THIS IS AWESOME!!! <3

I really hoped you enjoyed the game. As a fellow gamer myself Artorias's story is one that really sticks with you. He needs the love and so does Sif.

I am now a forever fan, please keep up the amazing art you do. <3

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YAASSSSS!!! More DS art plz
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Awesome art! The Knight looks stunning and the wolf is also nice! Clap +fav 
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Love the palette here!
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Beautiful work, would love to see you draw more Dark Souls stuff.
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Very nice Cool EmoticonHeart Emoticon Thumbsup EmoticonBravo #2
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Isn't that guy a total fraud in the DarkSoul lore?

A really really good art anyway ^^
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Well Artorias isn't a fraud so much as a hero who tried to fight an impossible battle and didn't do as well as he'd hoped.
He fought against the Dark Wraiths and Abyss, made a pact with it to try and best it further (smart idea bro)
And all the while he fought, the Abyss consumed him more and more till he was its slave.
He was one man against a force of corrupting power like no other, but he was never a fraud or a unremarkable warrior.

That said, I personally think the Ivory King of Dark Souls 2 was a far superior hero. He erected an entire kingdom to fighting chaos, massed a great army to keep it sealed away, married a daughter of the Abyss but still gave her the benefit of the doubt, and when he felt that chaos was consuming him, he didn't just end up corrupted in an arena killing one dreg, he plunged himself into the heart of chaos to drive his sword as deep as he could just to stave it off for as long as he could till someone (you) could finish the job of making sure Chaos wouldn't leave Alleum Loyce.
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How is he considered a fraud? He spent years fighting the Abyss, and when he and Sif were losing against Manus, he sacrificed himself to make sure that Sif escapes.
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Awesome, man!
Yo, one with Black/White Knights would be sick :thumbsup:
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Mmm. That's some good art.
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