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Wow, this is really nice.

Are those tiny Nonman corpses draped around his neck? How massive is he?
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Sil is a creature/being/figure of historical note in R. Scott Bakker's The Aspect Emperor series and there's almost no physical description of him save that he "took to the field of battle wearing the festering corpses of his foes" i fighured he'd need to be pretty big to pull off that fasion choice.

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I know it's from Bakker's series, that's where my Nonman comment was coming from. I definitely imagined the Inchoroi as bigger than the Nonmen, but not so gigantic that they wear Nonman corpses like trophies around their necks...

Anyways, it's a cool concept and good luck with your future art!
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yeah. i didn't notice the nonman comment til i reread it later but was too lazy to correct myself.

the only description we have of any of the Inchs is Aurang (and his twin) so...i dunno.

did i mention that it's from a series by r. scott bakker?