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Castle siege

Illustration made for a book.
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I wonder how Shad Brooks will deal with this dragon. ;)

Quilts of padded cloth if not boiled leather armor appear right. if not a simple iron helmet to guard the head as all days. 
One handed spear or dart with a round shield appears ancient as the two handed pike is mastered in formation over the course of the middle ages.  Polearms as the glaive are also popular.
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Incredible work.
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Great scene, as always. :thumbsup:
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That must be some siege if a dragon is involved.
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As I see it, there is always room for a dragon or two :)
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Always a good day when I see your work in my notifications, Sir - never fail to impress! :)

And this is for a book, you say? Should we say congratulations on being commissioned?... and what book will this be in?
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Thank you, I will try to upload more interesting artworks in a future.

I can't tell what the name of a book is, yet. But I will make sure to put some info here once I have permission.
And actually, almost all of my uploads from a few months back are for the same book.
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W O A H. You're so skilled! It must've taken forever to get that good, this is absolutely amazing! I love the idea of the dragon descending upon the castle, the army ready to rise up against it and fight for their king! (If that's what you wanted to happen) Good work! :D
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Well, it took me a few years. But I can get pretty lazy form time to time :))
Thank you
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A few years???

I am NEVER able to be so patient or committed to anything.
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Hey, don't worry about it,
I get frustrated from time to time too.

If you like to draw, just keep it up and you will see that you can get great in a time.

As for me, I love to paint - and as they say, you never give up on something you love.
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That's some good advise right there, thanks for it :D
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This is rather glorious, really love the action of the sequence.

It gives some ideas as well.

Would you mind if I wrote a scene using this as an inspiration?

I'd of course link back to the original and give full credit for the inspiration.
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I dont't mind. Make sure to send me a link - I will have a look on your outcome :)
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Sorry for the delay in this writing, hope you like the results and thank you again.

The Revelation of the Black King
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Hi, I will have a look :)
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Nice! May I possibly ask what's the title of the book? :)
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Thanks! I can't disclose the book yet, but once It's out / I have a permission, I will put some info here :)
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Sounds great, I will be really happy to check it out in my free time ^^
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Looks hella lit
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