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Flying lizard

Shadowing, book cover

Jens Rohem

Winter Spirit


Returning home

Knight - Live2d, facerig

Red banners

Legio X Equestris

Harsh weather

Animation - Harsh weather

Animation - Harsh weather


Heavy armor - animated

Heavy armor - animated

Darth Maul

Star Wars - Tatooine

DS_20160914 _ light walker

Endor scouts

Star Wars - Geonosis

DS_20161005 _ where the heck am I?

Star Wars - Hoth

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Quintuscs@gmail.com / Illustrator / Concept artist

Board games | Video Games | Book illustration


EN - https://quintusc.artstation.com/

CZ - http://www.jaromirhrivnac.cz/


Email - Qiuntuscs@gmail.com

Discord - QuintusC#3974

Shadowing, 2D adventure game

Shadowing 2D adventure game

Shadowing 2D adventure game

Hey guys I'm working on a small solo project, 2D game called Shadowing It's an adventure game seen from a perspective of a lone dog. But with something bigger happening around her. Anyway, If you are interested, here is short video showing a first part and overal feel of the game. Currently without sound or music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5A1lG27XzY PS. Gria project, because Gria is a name of my dog who is the model for the main character.

Info and commissions

Info and commissions

Another great story from SlingBlade87 ! SlingBlade wrote amazing short story about the Caius, Check it out here -  >>> Running with the Wolves Hey there! My name is Jaromir H. I am an illustrator and concept artist from Czech Republic, Europe.   I love to paint everything medieval, I love fantasy and historical themes, taking my inspiration from medival Europe or ancient Rome. And from beautiful nature around my home.. I am not much of a talker, but I appreciate any feedback or message you send my way : ) If you like my work, you can find me here – Contact QuintusCS@gmail.com instagram.com/quintuscassius artstation.c

First animation!

First animation!

My first 2.5D animation with slow motion effect ! This is the first part of a video I am currently working on. What do you all think? Additional info and contact: QuintusCassius / Jaromir Hrivnac email: QuintusCS@gmail.com

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LadlebeanNew Deviant

absolutely fantabulous art! ❤️✌🏼

QuintusCassiusProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you! :)

I love all of your work, keep it up! Also how would you categorize your overall style, I really want to explore more of this look but I can't figure out how to describe it in order to find it. Belated birthday wishes as well!

QuintusCassiusProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you!

I don't know where to categorize it, but I would say that my style is pretty rough, not overly detailed. Hard to say, I never gave it too much though.

Quick googling found this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7ejwLBnWxA

I don't use textures, but his work with silhouettes and overall approach is similar :)

Great, thank you much!

Happy birthday to you, and enjoy this very... VERY... Cursed Halo MOD Video...: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMxIjGjMJz0
QuintusCassiusProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you! Pretty funny video :)