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Choose your Fate!

Truly added to my top horror movies !
Bloody love it!
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PrincessClaraTigress's avatar
My fate is getting killed by the werewolf
ArmageddonFabric's avatar
The Ballerina is my favorite :-)
chibimakr221's avatar
is it weird i screamed when i saw the clown??
DinoLover09's avatar
If they ever make a sequal, I want to see the Ancient Ones.
mythicamagic's avatar
Awesome art for an awesome movie! I would have summoned Kevin, the boyfriend from hell, just because I'd like to know what he looks like. Kevin was meant to be "a sweet-looking guy who seemed like he might work at Best Buy--until he dismembers people." XD
TheCelticLioness's avatar
I love this movie so much! I would chose the Sugar Plaum Fairy because how bad can she be? She might be able to hear well but she probably can't see. My other option is the merman, because really, all you have to do is stay out of the water.
LupineWolf13's avatar
Sugarplum fairy. deffinately the sugarplum fairy. but... wat if in the film, the don't choose anything? u can't just send something in, it doesn't make sense. they chose their fate. but, yea the sugarplum fairy :squee:
ProphetStorm's avatar
The werewolf. Highest chance of a quick death.
Ultrabountyhunter's avatar
If I'd worked there, I would have bet on the Sugarplum fairy. Wo can resist a music box?
Cygnicantus's avatar
I somehow didn't think of that ghost as gruesome. I was like, "awww, you kiddin'? A damn ghost? Bwahahah~"
Mademoiselle-Sarcasm's avatar
I love love love love the Ballerina. She's so delicate yet so terrifying. I love it.
mangamasterLeo's avatar
I choose the werewolf, cause I know how to deal with those. As well as the zombies, those guys are actually pretty easy to kill when you know how to do it. Ghosts, are just too numerous and have many different reasons for being ghosts and lingering. And the sugarplum fairy, I have no idea how to kill that thing, except killing it with fire...
TheGurch's avatar
Love this movie...your post its art is stunning
Psych93's avatar
One of my favorite movies of last year, and possibly of all time. Great work capturing it on Post-It! :D
whysoseriouss's avatar
This is such a good film! I went in knowing it was meta but oMG IT BLEW MY MIND! The ballerina dentata was cool, but I think I liked Fornicus, the Lord of Bondage and Pain best. Best character name ever!
Al-ib's avatar
cool art. maybe we will another of your work with more chars from this amazing movie? like doctors, dolls.....
TornFeathers's avatar
That movie wasn't what I expected it to be in the slightest but wow. It was good.
I loved the monsters.
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