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October 1, 2009
Voices by =Ulaa1993
Featured by PurpelBlur
Suggested by lord-of-the-pirates
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edit2: I got better scan from pearleden, thank yew<33
my scanner sucks so much xDD

edit: this is the worst fire ever xDDD if you can even call that 'fire' lol

I was listening to Disturbed while drawing this and the title is inspired by one of my favorite songs. (how original, lol)

Anyway, this is Quinny, my new character. Shes a Wolf-Dragon mix, like Shian, but more Wolf-ish. I have another picture of her which I'll submit tormorrow :) Hope you like her<3
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IcantstopDRAWING788's avatar
If you think that fire is bad, you should see mine!

(You dont wanna see it. Its horrible haha!)

I love how you made this :D
VZdrawART's avatar
The way you draw eyes is more than incredible! :la:

Also, I must say: I referenced from this drawing a year ago ~ I didn't know that this has been your work. I've been pretty dumb when it came to referencing without crediting ~ I'm so sorry right now!

Anyaway, I'm so happy that I found you ;w;
SweetGryphons's avatar
the fire is just right to make an awesome background!
AbbyKrueger's avatar
Its look fantastic!
TigerOtter7's avatar
quinny, that name really stuck in my head, now every time i see one of my charries, i have to correct myself saying, oh look its quinny, why is that such an awesome name? its driving me crazy!
Tenshineko01's avatar
This is awsome. I have the lyrics but have you herd this song? "I canhear the animal inside, my resolve is weakening, pounding in the doors of my mins." That's all I can remember.
XxLordRage666xX's avatar
this is truly incredible.
XxEspeonDeoxysxX's avatar
this awesome.... thats all i can use to describe it
BrickChick12's avatar
LOVE the colors!!!
AkumaLight's avatar
How pretty! And the beautiful wolf distracts from the epic fire! =D
RubyLeopard's avatar
grrr dumb slightly invisable emblem thingie >:| i want it as my desktop :(
CanisLilium's avatar
Wowie! Great pose and coloring! Your fur style is amazing!
Disturbed's a wonderful band too! Keep up the great work!!
hannah1400's avatar
so exactly does one come up with a dragon wolf mix? i mean I LOVE the combo......but HOW does it happen? -thouroughly confused, almsot as confused as donkey and the dragon from shrek and how THEY had babies- >,<
Mini-Beast's avatar
Wow! This is just amazing! Nice OC, very original!
fatcatcog's avatar
Wow. That is a gooooood piece of art.
fatcatcog's avatar
Wow. That is a gooooood piece of art.
FakeKraid's avatar
You do a disservice to your own art by disparaging your fire effect. Sometimes a more representational or suggestive technique is superior to realism, and I think, with the mystical overtones of this piece, that this might be such a time.
OkamiArtist's avatar
she is absolutly gorgous!!!

may i draw her for you??
Xy-Xine's avatar

and, i think the flame are made of win !! :XD:

this is worth for a DD, of course ;P

congrats :D
NameTheRabbit's avatar
gorgeous! Congrats on a well-deserved DD!
Mistress-Daye's avatar
That is amazing!!! You are an excellent artist!
Mistress-Daye's avatar
This is amazing!!!!
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