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Ghost of you

My first try with watercolours:heart: I love them! its all thanks to :iconpearleden: :glomp:'s her :heart::heart: she took me to art shop and got me some watercolours, now I'm going to use them a lot cause they are lovely<333 she deserves tons of love :'D I know this one is not really amazing or anything, but I thik its cute and interesting in some way :3 its quite small, bigger than aceo though ^^

I'm auctioning this one if anyone wants it! the starting price is 5 euros xD lawl you can bid here :3 the auction will end at 17 th May :)

highest bid: ~Slersk 10 EUR
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ok if u think this isnt amazing then i guess my art sucks this is awsome i mean awsome love it. so look up to u as an artist
HollowsWorld's avatar
Not amazing, well it's enough to enter my favorites! I luv it all the way.
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black-cat2002's avatar
Aw!!!I love the smirk!!!<3
LusiaLusia's avatar
This is... great ! :la: You have great talent :dummy:
SkiztheWolf's avatar
That mouth and nose are so fetching. I just love this.
Erichan8DD's avatar
great eyes and lightging effect in the corns ^w^
Thunderflight's avatar
Why does the title sound like a song I've heard? :noes:

well! I love thiiis! : D The wild whipping of the fur is so powerful, and (once again) I love the expression! The bg is so bluuee ( <3 ), and the shading is fantabulous.

Mmm, this one is great. Hee.

OH NO Ulaa, I are so confuuused. Dx Is Pearl a girl or boy? Everyone's saying something differnt! D| I don't know who to believe! :noes:
omfg I love this picture! The expression and background are epic! :D <3
Sazkey88's avatar
it's super cute :D Your good with watercolors, he reminds me off my character Keiron, just hes black xD
DTrain2695's avatar
Gotta love the knowing cackle that seems to be forming on this creature's features. Makes him seem more human...=)
littlechibi's avatar
You ever listen to the MCR song?
Quinneys's avatar
yeah, this one was inspired by the title, I had no idea what name should I give to the picture so I just used that one, it seemed to fit =P
littlechibi's avatar
:XD: I do that all the time! Beautiful picture!
littlechibi's avatar
You ever listen to the MCR song?
iJakoDK's avatar
WOW! Love the colors..!
NoahStormsplitter's avatar
xD the grin! i luv this face!! *huggles*
Lara-St's avatar
How big is this?
Quinneys's avatar
about 6x8 cm? not sure ^^; I'll have to check at home :P
Lara-St's avatar
I offer 11€ then. C:
Quinneys's avatar
you won xD do you remember when you should send the money? xD
Lara-St's avatar
Did you receive the money? ^^
Quinneys's avatar
yes, I'm sending the drawing today :)
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