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No Longer Man's: Stroma
"The biology of Vastators is one of the most extreme known to science, its capacity for survival unrivaled. Nothing quite exemplifies this like Stroma formations.
Stroma are the result of organic Vastator debris that were large enough and warm enough to survive on their own. Once settled, Stroma forms will spread their mass and bloat on assimilated material. Stroma tend to absorb mineral content and any organic material thats too slow to avoid its gradual progress (plants, microorganisms, sleeping or dead animals, etc.).

Stroma often exude a toxic atmosphere from their biological processes, possibly carrying the DaemonusDonum virus, although they produce large quantities of oxygen in the day.
Stroma will develop multiple structures that generally shift from ballooning to great tumors and sprouting into tall, spire like forms. It's theorized the Stroma are attempting to develop organs and other body parts, but without a whole body to develop from, it simply builds and builds until it dies, leaving husk amongst the landscape.

Stroma often vary from black and white to control their temperature, or depending on the minerals available in the area. Black Stroma is often referred to as "SnakeSkin" while White Stroma is called "WhiteScale" by those who venture into no man's zones."
Halo Covenant Races sketches
Some redesigns for fun to feed my Halo nostalgia bug.

. The Jackal is based on the original Halo: Combat Evolved Jackal design, mainly influenced by the concept art.
. The Grunts are seperated in to two variants: Hard Grunts (have an exoskeleton, based on the Bungie series Grunts) and Soft Grunts (lack exoskeleton aside from scales on the limbs, based on the 343 series Grunts)
. The Elite is a hybrid of a few designs, mainly the 4 and Anniversary versions, though I picture the mandibles seal the mouth like the CE versions. Figuring out the anatomy of those mandibles was difficult, still not satisfied with it.
. The Brute is based on the Halo 2 version with the shaved look of 3 (I do prefer the full coat of fur, I just didnt feel like drawing that, wanted to keep the anatomy clear). Used a bit of Bear, Lion, and Gorgonopsid as an influence.
Darkspawn Birthday
"Darkspawn are born from the Broodmother in a placental mass, the whole litter having to eat their way out to survive. Once seven newborns emerge from the placenta, they will devour the stragglers. In some cases one will devour all others, establishing it self as an Alpha, destined to lead a horde."

Ironically finished this on my own birthday.
The Crown-Snout
Originally this was supposed to be a redesign of the Indominus Rex based on a concept of the Jurassic World story being more a tragedy of a genetic frankenstein suffering from it's hap-hazard creation and poor living conditions, resulting in a confused and pained animal rampaging through the park.

Its more just a fun super-dino now, kinda Monster Hunter-esque.
Random nerd issue here!

So I've been in a AVP mood recently and thus looking up all the neat-o fan art for it. Most are pretty awesome, but one thing has been bugging me.
Why do we assume the predators we've seen are male, or that they even have different sexes?

Like, most of the attempts at female predators i've seen have breast and birthing hips because thats apparently the only way to identify females in alien species. But their like, wierd humanoid reptilian bug faced things.

It just seems so odd.

I personally had the headcannon that their neither male nor female, but can play roles we consider sex specific. Similar to hemaphroditic snails, they fight for who will bare young and who will deliver sperm or sperm equivelant. The winner gets to be the "male" and the loser "female", having to carry the fertilized eggs for a time until layed at a defendable location.

Maybe they've just skipped out on this entirely in favour of cloning or something.

Then again does it matter, we just wanna watch'em drop onto planets and fight people and aliens like cool guy monster mashs.


Quinn-Red's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, I'm a self taught (non-professional) artist. My gallery consist of monsters (mostly original, some fan art) of many sorts, all with a story or concept to join them.
Giant monsters make up much of my work as their one of my favorite concepts, mostly due to a childhood chuck with godzilla flicks.
Spec Evo stuff use to be a major part of my art, but its become less of a focus for me.
Horror is another favorite genre, especially sci fi like the Alien series, filled with unique creatures and ideas that im oh so enamored by.
Fantasy is a genre im in and out of but occasional DND sessions have made me more eager to delve into such material.


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