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Frozen: Alone Made Of Ice

Keep me alive, make me cold
Carve me up, and I will shine


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Rose-de-Noire's avatar

This is hands (almost wrote Hans) one of my favorite Hans pics out there. It's gorgeous.

Quincy-Sue's avatar
Seleyana's avatar
Your art could make me like him x) Good job, very nice !
Quincy-Sue's avatar
Thanks, really glad to hear it! :)
Seleyana's avatar
My pleasure =)
You made him look badass somehow. Pretty cool !
Pity the red-head ain't a good man x)
GalCantHelpIt's avatar
Looks like he's contemplating on whether or not to run a sword through someone. I hope whoever he's giving that side-eye to is out of stabbing range.
Quincy-Sue's avatar
Love to read how many different emotions people can read on his face. Thanks for taking your time to leave a comment! :3
RICEA42991's avatar
This has got to be one of my favorite fanart of Hans. :+favlove: Everything from his icy glare perfectly capturing his true self, the cool misty solemn coloring of this fits. Grr. Winner That black shadow to the right is it a wall of some kind or a person he's staring at. Popcorn 
Quincy-Sue's avatar
Thank you very much for you comment, this encourages me to draw more alike stuff! =3
RICEA42991's avatar
Your welcome,  this fanart deserves more love. I'm surprised it hardly had comments, it deserves it :heart:
RICEA42991's avatar
Is he looking at someone, or just giving a side stare to the viewer? I'm curious.
Quincy-Sue's avatar
Yeah, it supposed to be a person, whom he didn't like to see, perhaps a member of his family.
RICEA42991's avatar
Cool I love that you left it open to interpretation., by making it just a shadow.
JesterOfLullaby's avatar
I love the solitude and the overall cold feeling of this.
Quincy-Sue's avatar
That was my goal, I'm so glad you noticed! :)
SirenDrake's avatar
This is magnificent.
SirenDrake's avatar
Thank you for sharing.
PirateHearts's avatar
Wow! i love this character! :D
Karumaa's avatar
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