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Actually I'm doing a crowdfunding campaign to publish my new artbook.
Check in the link to see more from my new book:

I hope you will join it to help me to make real this book!

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Actually I have a crowdfounding campaign to edit my new book "The Antisocial Network"

I leave you here the link to the web if you want to know more about my new work:
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Back to f#ck
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I will leave deviantART soon or late, actually I will stop to show my works here, and I will start to delete the majority of them.

I get more attention that I was waiting for from some deviantArt admins.

(I will try to explain the situation here in my bad english, so sorry for my language)

-That started many time ago, when I saw how the admins use the rules not the same for everybody. Then I made some works against that behavior from the admins and the result it was many of my works deleted from here. In many of them no reason to justify to delete that.

-After that I was talking with the help desk about this situation. I ask him the reason to delete every single work from my gallery, he didn't get me an answer. He told me they use to delete reported works many months later because they don't have time to see everything. Then I ask him : so, why you have time to delete my works the same day I upload it here? He didn't get me an answer. So I sent a protest about this guy to deviantArt. It was more than one year ago, I'm still waiting for an answer to my questions from the deviantArt admins.

-I didn't get answer, but "casual" they stop to delete my works after that. During many months they didn't delete more works from my gallery. Few time ago I made a  new work against manipulation in deviantART about the rules and trolls using that rules for trolling people (for example, people who report your works are waiting for you in the devart account, and they act like they are just trying to help you). After I upload that work against deviantART rules they gave me a daily deviation, well, maybe just casual, but I thought "it seems to me someone is trying to shut up my mouth with a fucking daily deviation". Yesterday I was talking with the admin who give me the daily deviation to say to her that I don't want that daily deviation, and my reasons to ask for that. It was funny because I found in her wall that she have as a friends the same people who are trolling my account for a long time. Again, just casual.

After to get the daily deviation I started to protest against the rules here and how are not the same for everybody and they started to delete my works again.

Well, maybe this website is just full of coincidences and nothing more, but sadly I found many more people who had similar problems here, and many people who are leaving this website because of that.

DeviantArt admins acting like trolls and doing nothing against users who are here only to troll people, it's really sad. So I will stop uploading my new works here and soon or late I will leave this website

Congratulations to the deviantART admins who made deviantARt became a website to troll people, to censure people because this is not a website about art if you fuck the freedom to express in art.

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The website deviantART, this website is trolling my account.

Many time ago they deleted some of my works, I ask to the help desk the reasons to delete in every work because I din't broke any rule, and the guy in the help desk didn't tell me a reason and, of course because he can't.
After that they stop trolling my account for many time, but I started doing artworks about the manipulation of the rules here by the admins and the behavior like trolls and they started to delete my works again.
I made new works about that situation and they gave me a daily deviation trying to shut up my mouth, but I can't shut up about this situation. So they actually continue trolling my account and they delete my works, no matter if I broke the rules or not, like in my last work "chandelier" I didn't broke any rule in that work but they deleted that few minutes ago.

This website sucks, is not a website for art, is a website about manipulation, censorship and help to make more popular the friends of the admins. So the must change the name of this website. Something like deviantARTSUCKS, deviantCensorship, deviantManipulation, deviantMafia...

Now all the trolls used by the admins who follow me just to report my works and silence my opinions will report that journal

I don't broke any rule but I'm waiting to see how the deviantART admins delete my account to get my silence even If I didn't broke the rules. I know they are afraid to do that because i have many people who follow my works, so they just act like trolls to make me go out from that website.
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