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No Brasil a Rede Globo de Televisão está matando assim todos médicos do SUS o sistema único de saúde.

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This is great, very well done!

To respond to some other comments below: I think that most of the backstabbing comes from people who wouldn't bother to clap.

Also, there is another angle to the nurses getting abuse when they go home in their uniforms: As medical practitioners, they should know that the corona virus spreads easily by contact and can survive on clothes for considerable time. When they take public transit to go home in their uniforms they ARE putting fellow passengers in danger. Those who don't know this are not worthy to wear a nursing uniform.

Please don't misunderstand me; nurses and paramedics have always been my heroes, long years before the covid pandemic, much more so than policemen or soldiers. But those nurses / healthcare workers who put other people in danger with their ignorance don't deserve the praise.

I have spoken. lol

As a nurse, this makes me feel sad. I feel sad that a nurse riding a transit home because they have no other choice of transportation is considered ignorance. I feel sad that a nurse going home in their uniform after it was shielded from the virus for 12 hours in an isolation suit is not worthy of wearing the uniform in the first place. Yes, you are correct. The coronavirus spreads easily by contact and does survive on clothes for a considerable time. However, anyone taking public transit may have the virus on their clothes. Anyone taking the public transit is putting their fellow passengers in danger. Please. Just, please. We are not trying to place anyone in this world at risk. Please, don't attack the ones wearing scrubs who just spent the entire day risking their lives to keep the world safe. Thank you.

Outro hipócrita que aplaude sem se importar verdadeiramente.

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What is stopping you from changing your clothes before you leave the hospital?

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Selfish ass, you don't read much. If you did, you would have seen the ,"in an isolation suit," part of edub's third sentence. Since you also obviously do not know, they have been on call 24/7 since the pandemic and maybe they just want be home after working 12+ hours that day before having to do another 12+ hours the next day and the next day.

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Maybe they just want to be home... Before I start calling you things you wouldn't like too, let me tell you that you seem to be missing the point.

I said nurses are my heroes, only not those who wear their potentially contaminated (!)scrubs on public transport. How am I supposed to know that that particular nurse wore an isolation suit over her scrubs all day (and did not feel like changing before going home)? Majority of nurses do not wear an isolation suit over their clothes even these days.

If anybody else feels like attacking me for pointing out this fact, please first read properly and see that my view of nurses in general is extremely positive.

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I did not miss anything, you are uncomfortable seeing nurse in their scrubs outside of work. Using your feelings as a reason to generalize about the nurses that wear their scrubs outside of the job. It's literally typed out in front me.

Critical thinking skills you have acquired throughout your schooling years, I would have hoped (killed that dream). If they are in their scrubs outside of the job, they more than likely were wearing an isolation unit. Otherwise, professionals would change their cloths and you would not know if they were nurses too have a complaint. This all jumps over that the nurses in question, may not be clocking out of work but going to it.

Fact, this is a pandemic. Don't like seeing nurses you think are on the way home, stay home. Don't become a vector and stop complaining about those risking their lives. Does not matter how many doctors and nurses you praise, when you are slandering their co-works with baseless claims you could only know if you were one of the assholes doing what you are saying or know of an asshole do so.

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Itachi6778, I will not stoop down to your level, I will not call you names.

If a nurse is on public transport going to work in her/his scrubs, it's just as bad as if she/he was returning from work. Think about it. Have a nice life.

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Stoop to what? If you ask me, I have stooped to your level. You have not said shit but nurses that wear scrubs outside of work are horrible people with no other context than they might not have worn a insolation unit and that I am hurting your feelings.

Now you are disparaging those nurses going to work, if I did not understand your point before, I definitely do not now. Telling me to think about it when I am obviously looking at this from the opposite point of view, is not going to make me think anything other than, "Just wow, what a dick."

Since you seem to lack the ability to tell me what you are talking about or what you even mean by all of this, I am going to stop wasting my time. Type up your comment then cancel it, I have nothing more to say to you.

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Excellent commentary, very well done

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It's been so long since you've posted on here. It is a delight to see new work from you again.

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Thanks! yes, not here for so long

an excellent depiction of the current situation.

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Yes, nurses here, in Australia, were told to not wear their uniforms going to work, or going home, as they were being abused in the street by the masses of uninformed and ignorant idiots who accused them of spreading the virus.

Austrália não é a Terra.

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I have no idea what Australia is not the Earth might actually mean in the context of my response to this image. Are you arguing that Australia’s experience with Covid-19 has been minimal compared with everywhere else? True, it has. Which doesn’t mean our front line healthcare workers have found dealing with the crisis any less traumatic than anywhere else, including Portugal’s abysmal response.

Ao menos admita que a culpa é da China.

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Which I think translates into at least admit that China is to blame.

There’s really no question that Covid-19 originated in Wuhan. Happy now?

My reading of the image though, is that it concerns the hypocrisy faced by health care workers being called heroes, but being harassed and abused at the same time, and not who is to blame. I doubt our healthcare workers actually care much about who is to blame.

Para fazer justiça a eles é necessário punir os culpados por fazê-los sofrer. A China é o maior culpado portanto não pode haver impunidade.

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Good luck in your fight with Beijing.

Preciso de aliados.

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