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By QuilesART
Are you feeling abused about social media?

My personal website is in progress, I think will be finished before the summer. Actually you can find news and my new works and projects here:
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Deskjet 1050 J410 series
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Don't have Twitter Fb Skype hardly use Yahoo...
TrueGrimReaper64's avatar
Ah, Twitter. Designed to shorten one's thoughts to a mere 140 characters.

Perfect for those who don't have much to say.
shiyiyu's avatar
lmaooooo sameeeee parfect for basic b xq
wondwr's avatar
why u exploiting the awful experience of rape to make such a statement? 
How is that rape?
wondwr's avatar
idk girl are u dumb or just stupid 
Neither, but you're obviously both. Where does this say that it's "rape"? Please enlighten me, because I don't see it anywhere. Lol
CannibalMastiff's avatar
that has to be the dumbest comment iv read on this site.

all rought sex, even without context is rape, yeah okay.

good job.
AdoptableMakerz's avatar
first of all, rape?
second of all: powerful.
I second that. The message needs rot be seen.
militarydallen33's avatar
You make some really interesting art, man. Stuff that I've never seen here (which usually are furry, lesbians, and fanfics) but yours, are the satire that I've been looking for a LONG time. A shame though you won't be as active here than before :(
hymenoptra's avatar
Can only see so many phone blow jobs before the message dilutes and the critique and parody disappears and turns into replication.

It's also a rather sexist interpretation or debasement since numerous minorities and female voices have gained tremendous power through social media.
JuanchoDLN's avatar
zombifiedgrass's avatar
i would love to show my friend this, she would totally flip!
oi101's avatar
i've seen your work around facebook it is super impressive and i must admit i love the pictures.... it makes me think about our roll and social media and how people are used in it.
Friitzie's avatar
Thought you were getting off of here. Glad you changed your mind!
theJAMRAY's avatar
"To listen to this song you must 'like' my Facebook page"... pleaaaase..
NickDean's avatar
Humm....Is it because of the Fad that's going...I still have a land line....can not find a camera that has film around the house..( nor do I know a place that would sell it.) So I'm guessing this is a statement?
Ysssk's avatar
This is one of those works that makes you think, forces you to confront a situation.
Well done.
FlightFan's avatar
Awesome! I like this nice "slap in the face" to the masses. :D Anything similar regarding Tumblr? Just wondering.
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