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The I-Phonekkake

We should seriously ask ourselves if we are controlling technology or technology is controlling us. Sometimes we looks like a piece of flesh engaged to a phone.

I have chosen the image of a Bukkake because come from the punishment and submission.

That is the last work I'm going to upload here in DeviantART. The reason, well, I wrote in my journal about that.
I feel really tired about how this website works about censorship. And I think it's really ridiculous that an administrator (or some of them) plays a personal war against simple users because they don't agree about the rules.

Sure the trolls who are watching me for a long time are going to report that work, even if I don't broke any rule, just they use to report almost all my works. I didn't broke any rule in my last deleted works but maybe the admin will find any reason to delete that, because they don't have many problems to broke their own rules to troll somebody here. Maybe something like sexualize I-phones, or too much pornoghaphic for this website.

So this is a good bye. For the moment I will keep this account, but I'm not going to show here my future works and I'm going to delete more works from my gallery.

Thanks to all the people who support me
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Deskjet 1050 J410 series
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The art is good.
But the message has become oversaturated to the point of annoying me.
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A women is worth as much as the opposite of amounts of dicks she sucked, took or oherwise pleased. The less she "took" the more worth she is for a marriage. The more she "took" the less she's worth. Fucking whore!
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Hey wait, don't bring Line into this! :D (Big Grin)  I get my favorite comics from there!
JayJankles's avatar
dude...get over yourself
Ramune-Kitsune's avatar
I love this censorship
Vlad-Zet's avatar
 I guess famous porn actress Veronica Rodriguez was reference for it.   
steamflunky's avatar
Well done. Thought provoking.

On another website someone asked the question "What would surprise someone from 50 years ago the most about how we live today?". Someone answered "We carry a device in our pockets that gives us access to nearly the whole knowledge of humanity, but we use it to get into arguments with people we dont know and to look at photos of cats"
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I support your art completely. It doesn't matter how long ago this was, or if you will ever see this. But not alot of artists can express symbolism and sensitive topics like this. Your use of imagination and symbolism in your art is amazing, and I am truly impressed. Those who say otherwise... The majority is likely people who refuse to listen to reason, and won't accept any opinion or truth other than what they believe to be truth. It's sad, but it's reality.

Thank you for sharing your amazing pieces here. 
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Intelligent concept of the social media . like it!
SkyFire2008's avatar
The message of this image comes off as disingenuous and insincere.

"Social networks and technology are destroying our society!"
-Posted on a social network via technology.
JonathanBluestone's avatar
PREACH! And yes, I agree with you. My work is actually amazingly pedestrian, some may even say inoffensive, yet I too have been censored!
Jaegar19Ultima's avatar
I think we are just becoming more dependent on it. When it used to be more about interacting with people face to face now it's tech and on the go.
OKtiger's avatar
so true......~ 
TrueGrimReaper64's avatar
Shallow sites for shallow thoughts. Yet, people would have them anyway, with or without social media.
BounteousDeezy's avatar
This level of artwork is so deep I don't know how many others will Overlook what it represents but it's amazing good job
Silveryncm's avatar
Jesus this is so pretentious and cringey

Like bye lmao
RainbowRenders's avatar
You even included Line! Great concept.
Assamite36's avatar
Then there's the teeny tiny one that's got WeChat.
Adrienelle's avatar
My interpretation: Girls use social media to exploit their bodies and crave male attention. And men use social media to bust a load. 
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