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Smart Phone

By QuilesART
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Internet in a nutshell
your account is an exercise in seeing how many times you can draw the exact same fucking picture of girls sucking off smartphones. wow, it represents spartphones=bad? deep. i have a vore fetish and this is weird to me
TheJewishMarxist's avatar
Geez, someone has obviously not gotten the message.  This guy is making an POLITICAL statement and you're too dumb to realize it.

Seriously hon, if you don't like his art, don't look at it, it's that simple.  No need to make a salty comment about it.
applepawful's avatar
goddamn, you're salty. this is a recurring theme because it's clearly something quiles is passionate about. if you don't like it, then you can just go. i think addressing political issues is a little more productive than wanting to be eaten.
TheJewishMarxist's avatar
I agree with you.  His art is amazing!
Pootis---Man's avatar
Gotta add Snapchat. Everybody posts attention-seeking pics on there. Not every9ne, just the narccicists. (I forgot how to spell it).
Bibogabriel's avatar
Your art is my idoll
Alvin-Row's avatar
I'm 14 and this is deep
Koogleblitz's avatar
what does it mean?
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social media is raping our youth. when was the last time you saw a kid without their face to a cellphone, living the world through the screen instead of looking up and around them? 
QuentinZero's avatar
I see that every day to be honest!
also how is that "rape" 
Tritanicus's avatar
Its just a dramatic comment, no radical implications implied my friend <3
iShelby's avatar
Ouh gosh! That's definitely me! Horny! :squee: 
bigdaddyEZ's avatar
love the line work.
GeoKorf's avatar
sad but true
DraconisREP's avatar
XD phones for days
Donoghu's avatar
Smart phones are getting smarter with each of its own generation, but it doesn't make its users any smarter.
At best, it's an easy road for trading brain cells for pixels and trashable memory.
integramoiraisyndori's avatar
This does speak volumes. Immense volumes. I love it.
dynastes's avatar
I like your use of highlights on the skin a lot. :)
khorask's avatar
Inspiring ! 
Kalevipoeg's avatar
Brilliant. Keep up the excellent work.
FametSuri's avatar
Marxist's commodity fetishism? Deviantart fits in the same concept... So what?
seanieisere's avatar
I've missed your work, great little refresh
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