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I remember the first time I saw the predator's face, when he takes off his helmet in the end of the movie I thought "it's a deformed vagina!!"
Maybe nobody else think similar with me, and maybe is just my sick mind :) but after that all the time I saw again predator movie, I still think he have an ugly pussy in her face. By the way I think it's interesting to have a pussy in your face if you are an intergalactic hunter :)
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Deskjet 1050 J410 series
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Yeah Predator pussy! Awesome!

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Anyone else remember in Predator 2 Mike called the predator a "pussy face".
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Haha I’m just waiting for a facehugger to burst out.
Oh my god is crazy
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well its mouth already looked like a pussy
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That you would actually draw and put it up publicly this say everything i need to know about you. *smiley face*
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I lol'd so hard...this is goin in my faves
*thinks* uhhhhhmmmm sure!
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Omg🤣 Pure comical gold😂
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"Your move pussyface."
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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I feel so bad for laughing at this now XD holy shit :p
"And unlike most vampires, her fangs are located in her vagina. ....okay, moving on."
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in predator 2 harigan even calls the cityhunter "pussyface"
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XD I totally agree
Hahahahahahahah........ Solid gold mate. Reminds me of an Ex-girlfriend.
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Scary and awsome
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Someone had to do this. Well we all thought of it haha
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Every straight man's worst fear a vagina with a vicious bite. 
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For the first time ever, I am being absolutely literal about this - lmao. 
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