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Free expression

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It speaks volumes when I have to wait until midnight for George Noory to round up the world news in the first 15 minutes of AM Coast to Coast. The media here in the USA is so bad I actually get better news in the first 15 minutes on a paranormal talk show.
And the US Hispanic media is much, much, much worse!!
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¡Por favor, queremos ver más trabajos tuyos en el grupo!


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Got to admit all of your 'censor bars' are interesting, but with this one I had to think for a few seconds before I saw it wasn't really creative 'censor bars' :-)
freedom of speech is an illusion in west. you said something snowflakes hate, you wil have to face to their wrath since the next day. 
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Always wondering why most of mics are cock ice-cream shaped....
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Now is a crime to call a trans person by "he" or "she" yay! Freedom! :D
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not actually. if you call them the right pronoun, which could be he or she, there is no getting in trouble.
I do think the law is flawed though because people can make accidents and not mean to misgender someone, but get punished for it anyway.
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Which is why I really don't like that law, once a person makes a misgendering mistake, they're done for.
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yes. Freedom for all or for none. very well done in both concept and execution.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016 at 09:47 AM EST ...

America 'Free Expression'   ...  maybe, just maybe !!


•  Free Speech is the real target, ...flags, monuments are just detours along the way.  ...

"Freedom is always relative to the needs of the community."  -- LA 2017  ...

Ignorance may be bliss, but it is also perilous.


•  Remember the Squirrel @ The University of Michigan  ..  begins video at 105 seconds !! ...


•  Youtube video  ...  Students Condemn Free Speech On Video!  ...  06:42 minutes  ...…


Published on Feb 18, 2015

Check out the full show!

The University of Michigan took some pretty big steps toward stifling free speech on its campus this month. Just how important is the 1st amendment to students today, and is it our duty to protect it? Watch to find out!

Pop culture and politics from the most politically incorrect comedy channel on the web. Hippies and Muslims hate me!

-- Matthew Moss
The response from the squirrel, by far, surpassed that of the students.

--  MibbGibbs
agreed, he wasn't afraid to state his opinion. We need more intellectuals like that in america.

Nick R
I have degrees from this place. I am SO ashamed.

--  Nick R
Because they are banning words at an institutional level. That's disgusting. This is supposed to be a leading world class university that should be advancing intellectual inquiry not censoring thought crime

--  coldaziceee2 months ago
Straight up Orwellian shit



Savoir et Pouvoir

Vive la France !!!

marsmettn473a in florida...

shalom / tschüss


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I understand what your going with here but to be honest her eyes are a little creepy.
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do you ever get bored, or...
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Don't forget about social media, Facebook and Twitter are disgusting when it comes to sencorship.
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Perfect for Brazil nowadays
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"Free expression is a world right!" where? if you have money you have rights, welcome to the globalized world folks!

Dude you have an amazing vision, great artwork as aways!
Sums everything quiet nicely
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Ah, such an accurate piece on the way society works now. Great work.
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