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Everything not saved will be lost
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Published: June 8, 2018
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Sorry for the censorship. It is hard to post in social media about this crowdfunding campaign because many of the drawings in the book are so much explicit.
You can see more about my new book and my crowdfunding campaign going to the link: www.spacemanproject.com/en/pro…
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Yo...Great work. So many backdrop meanings this can have. NICE!!!!
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hi from russia. Man, you my best favorit!!!! Thank you, bro.
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Dani-Wicked|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your art work is inspiring and so profound.
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Good work
Thank you for sharing
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I live in the USA and I have not received my copy of the Anti Social Networks yet.  If I do, then I will order your new book.  I have contacted your publisher but have not heard back yet.
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the international shippments are still arriving actually. You must receive it soon. Please tell me if you receive the book soon or still waiting. Sorry for the patience.
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I got it!  You may also know as guy who suggested a Handmaid's Tale piece of art!
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ok, yes, I remember
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Interesting that in Grand Theft Auto you can:

1 - Take a hit on two cops - but shoot tons of cops till your felony level is maxxed so the Nat Guard shows up - then get wire cutters and carjack an APC to flee to safety.  THEN the city is so corrupt that for a few thou you clear your record and can walk right next to police the next day...  Heh, versus hiding in a pit under a snake charmer's basket in India...  Heh, again, then again modern society is almost that computerized and corporate and impersonal...

2 - Recharge hit points by having sex with a hooker - off camera - then KILL her - on camera - for your $20 back and no problems...

Yet - when the "Hot Chocolate" program got unlocked for "San Andreas" they had to recall the game - "Oh, think of the CHildreeeennnnn...."

That thing - in case you didn't know - was a crude 'dating sim' with sex as a reward.  You had to talk to and date women for weeks, chatting them up, remembering their birthday, giving them small nice gifts and/or helping.  You couldn't rape or prostitute them...

So - in short - the part where the character behaved halfway like a human being should - being responsible, caring for others, at least people in his gang/tribe - even if he makes his living with crime and murder and says a curse word every other word - that part got the game banned...
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Wasn't it called "Hot Coffee"?
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Yeh.  Somethin' like that!
I think I got the message right though.

Again, videogame glorifies being an all too real monster - ghetto thug.  Violence, murder, predatory sexual behavior, obscenity every other word...
But - he behaves as a human being is supposed to - showing care and attention and affection - woop game is AO rated, pulled from shelves...

It's stuff conspiracy theorists use to argue we're being programmed, etc...
However, that's too flattering.  Just plain Stupid and reactionary at work here.
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Well, that's the US way of thinking. Violence, hey; Sex, nay.
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DerangedGod|Hobbyist Digital Artist
It is a matter of time for genders to discover they have a lot in common (although they are not the same)... things are always connected, whether we like it or not.

And about the magnificient art you did... you made me remind about those weird memory cards used back in my child days... insert on slot ahorny revamp  Both for Gamecube and Playstation.

Good job! clap remake 1b 
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trickyfoxart|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It'd be easier if she was a pc
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Khasdannyanlord|Student Traditional Artist
no way that board its on the riiight place!
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JonathanBluestone|Professional Artist
No, its perfectly acceptable. I discovered your work a few years back and am often in awe at how cutting it is.

You say the situation as it is and if society does not like it, society should ask itself why its incapable of
understanding your humor and perspective. In a way your work is on a par with the British graffiti artist Banksy
whose social commentaries are often crisp and to the point. I've long enjoyed such socially isolating works as
they point a quivering finger and demand that society stop taking itself so seriously. There was a time when
nudity was acceptable for example in art, the ancient world had no issue with the adoration of the human body
and then we entered a horrific age of repression which ended with the Victorians and their messed up belief
that ones sexual desires would lead to the downfall of society and their Empire.

We live in a world today where the female body has to be covered up because breasts are obscene or might lead
unprincipled men to lust after women, yet men can walk around wearing what they like, yet women, if they flaunt
any aspects of their sexuality are condemned as sluts and whores and seen as debased. That is very wrong and
its time humanity grew up - all of humanity, irrespective of country, religion and culture. As your illustrations
prove, the biggest problem we have today is with the propagation of such issues by the popular media.

I'll agree that rape is unacceptable for example and so is lusting after women yet it works both ways and women
can lust over men and yet society chooses not to penalize them for it. There are very much double-standards in
play but only because society is uncomfortable with sexuality and sex in general and that's got nothing to do with
gender. Our modern society is a consequence of repression and the majority choose not to accept that because
to say otherwise would leave them open to society categorizing them as perverts or sexual deviants.

Big business has much to hang its head in shame over. As you popularize and employ satirical illustration to
popularize the big corporate entities, now very much bloated and seemingly uninterested in the customer anymore
see us all as resources and that is especially true of their employees. Amazon is a classic example of this, as is
McDonalds (if I listed them all, this would be a four-page commentary). The point is, I don't need to labor the
point with you, as you are very much in touch with that vibe. Congratulations on the book, I would love a copy.

Just let me know how to get one and I'll sort that out.
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Jakeukalane|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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KokoMokoko225|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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MoonshineTora|Student General Artist
You say '[...]yet men can walk around wearing what they like[...]' as long as their clothing matches their gender, of course. Imagine a man wearing a dress in public . . . not that I care, but you know how society works.

Talking about double standards: As you mentioned, a naked female body is outrageous, but it's fine as long as you need to advertise your products with it.
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Indeed, another excellent example. Women have the luxury of being gender neutral when it comes to clothing,
yet if a man wears a skirt (unless its a kilt, or he comes from a culture where dress-like clothes are acceptable,
such as Eastern ones) he is labeled a transvestite (cross-dresser). Society is still shocked at the sight of a male
in female clothing but if men want to do it, who am I to say they cannot, eh? And yes, that's a point I failed to

Sex Sells (or more accurately, sexuality is a draw for the target audience which is often male) and in doing so
the question remains, do the women who agree to undress to sell products do so because the money is good
or because they are unconcerned with people ogling their nakedness? Women of course are the ones who can
answer that question. This said I've been of the opinion for much of my adult life that women have less
hang-ups about their sexuality and their bodies than men do. And yet society is constantly nagging at them
via the popular press, the media and even with socially held views as to the perfect shape of the body their
weight, breast size and shape, what is acceptable and unacceptable in regards to make-up and even clothing.

Women have the right to say that none of what society expects of them is remotely important but I've watched
women's fashions over the years and come to the conclusion that its the done thing to be in with the latest
fad or looks. And if you're not then you're some sort of social outcast. Snap! And this is before we begin to
examine the socially unacceptable way that men continue to lord it over women in the workplace. We all know
that women are just as good as men, yet for some diseased reason women are treated as if they are somehow
intellectually, socially and physically inferior to men. I think it best to say that men have had it their own way
for far too long and well, with typical male arrogance refuse absolutely to notice the fact that men and women
are different. No, just stop and think about that for a moment.

I'm referring to physical construction, about muscle mass - not anything else, not the obvious physical
differences we refer too as gender. A woman is no less or no more intelligent than a man. Our brains are
similarly programmed with life experience and as such if a woman has the same level of technical expertize
as a man in a given field there is no reason whatsoever as to why she cannot do the job just as well, yet for
some reason women are paid less ... and if that isn't a big f**k you I don't know what is. Its saying that
women don't have the same worth and worse that they are not competent enough to do the job to a
''mans standard''. That argument sounded we need to address gender in regards to capability. A percentage
of men do have a greater physical muscle mass than women and therefore excel at certain labor intensive
jobs that a woman can and could do but who would find physically draining.

This said, a woman is more suited to the emotional understanding and empathy associated with child rearing,
but please don't assume that I'm saying this is a woman's role. It is simply a consequence of biology and
not a social statement. Men can act as child-carers but they often lack the sort of empathy and
single-mindedness necessary to juggle the emotional needs of the children and maintain their own
emotional stability under duress. And as an side, just for the sake of humor, women are often hung-up on
whether a man will find them pleasing or not because of societies viewpoint. Ladies, if you're reading this,
men generally don't give a s**t about fashion for much of the time and are grateful that you just turn up
because they're as anxious that they will be accepted by a woman for many of the same reasons that you are.
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MoonshineTora|Student General Artist
As you mentioned in your last comment: people are resources, and as such, we are being valued for our efficiency. Unfortunately it's only the women that bear children, so they have to be on maternity leave, while the man can still boost the companies income. I'm not saying I'm sharing this view, but I feel like that's the excuse. Slowly it's getting more and more common for men to care for children as well, but I guess before the men quit their higher paid job, the parents rather bring their pup to a nursery instead.

To swing back to the original topic:

I am recently working on a concept for a story and while creating an human-like alien culture I came to the point where I wanted to write about their sexuality. I stagnated, because I was so concerned about how to describe it without making it sound like a cheap sci-fi-erotica. As an 'intelligent' species, capable of 'morality' (I don't want to go too deep into philosophical questions here) it's unbelievable to use public unisex toilets and changing rooms, or seeing a nursing mother (which shouldn't even be mentioned, because it's the most natural thing to do), or maybe bathing naked in public, or wearing very revealing clothing. How can it be normal to not be monogamous? Having intercourse with other persons, while still having a wife and children? I could write a thousand pages about the political issues of this society, their culture and their environment, but this one paged chapter about their forthrightness of sexuality and their bodies would blow up like a nuclear bomb.

I'm about to speak a very controversial thing I'm often too scared to say out loud, because of the incapability of society to accept the other side of the medal; While people plead for equality for females in every aspect, people often forget that equality doesn't mean to reduce men to their drive to reproduce. The only thing you hear in media is how ruthlessly men rape women, and harass them bluntly in public. 
My father told me once after doing grocery shopping that a woman grabbed his butt. Not a big deal you say? It's okay if a woman does that, because that's what men want? Imagine the other way around! What if my father grabbed the woman's butt? Outrageous! Isn't it?
And this was 'just' a case of a butt-grabbing old hag. needlessly to say men get harassed as much as women do, verbally and physically. They feel shame as well, and maybe the fear of being called the culprit in the end, because as a man, you are always out for pussy. Even for me it feels so outlandish, but just because no one speaks about it, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

We have two situations, one in which the man claims to be raped by a woman and one in which the woman claims to be raped by a man. Would anyone believe the man? Rape rarely can be proven directly. so I assume that in case number one, the man is definitely going to jail, while in case number two the action would probably be dismissed with the argument of the lack of evidence (this outcome pleases the majority and not the victim).
Or the classical junk-pic. A man sending a woman pictures of his jewels against a woman sending pictures of hers. Is it less harassing if females do it? Because men want it? It would either okay, because women are to be f**ked or she would be called a slut. But no one ever would assume she just harassed a man!

What a weird society we live in.

I want to raise awareness of how easy it is for women to take advantage of this collective opinion to get rid or to score of a man she has a grudge on. I'm not saying all women fake their cases, but while I think this is a disgusting thing to do and should be harshly punished, I also blame the government for not taking action. They just sit and watch the world burn, and every 4 years or so, leaders pick up the topic to speak empty promises to gain the votes of the confused mob, just to drop the issue right after they got what they wanted. 
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